Pep Guardiola: City’s plan was to target Kane and cut him off from his team-mates but it didn’t work

2022-04-23 0 By

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has criticised his side’s poor defence following their 3-2 defeat at Tottenham hotspur, who have lost three games in a row in the Premier League, the Manchester Evening News reports.Guardiola admitted the plan was to target Kane and cut the link between him and his team-mates, but City failed to do so.Manchester Evening News screen shot Conte’s side produced a superb counter-attack at the Etihad Stadium.Kane turned out to be the decisive man, not only scoring two goals himself, but also setting up the first.Kane might even have scored a hat-trick if Curlew had not been offside first.This game, Kane erratic movement, so that City’s two central defenders and midback Rodri has been unable to match the defense.”I knew Tottenham would find their strength after three defeats in a row,” guardiola said in the replay.This is such a strong team that their formation is deep.Kane is always on rodrie’s side so you have to keep your eye on him and watch his movements.”When Tottenham had the ball there was not much room to pass.However, if Kane can pass the ball to him, he will have a chance to find Son heung-min and Khurusevski.This game, we kept crossing, we kept shooting, but we couldn’t convert.The three conceded goals in different ways, like the second one, which is difficult to defend against players coming from behind the line.The third goal was lost and our defence at the back post was poor.Guardiola said.Guardiola was also clear-headed about the title race after tottenham ended their 15-game unbeaten run: “I said a few weeks ago that we still need a lot of points to win the title.Every team here is fighting for their goals, some for champions League qualification, some for Europa League qualification, some for relegation.So every game is an encounter, we know that, it’s good to understand how difficult it is.