Trusova smiles as she puts on her silver medal, Serbakova kisses her gold medal, and Japan laughs

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At the medal ceremony of the women’s figure skating singles at the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 18, Serbakova won the Gold medal, Trusova the silver medal, and Hanori Sakamoto of Japan also received the bronze medal.Compared to the “crying” situation at the end of the match, Trusova is now smiling!In the free skate, Trusova gave it her all, performing five quadruple jumps with extreme difficulty in an attempt to win an Olympic gold medal.Although Trusova outscored Serbakova in free skating, she was only fourth in the short program, and as a result, she finished second overall.Having failed to win a major title in the past three years, Trusova’s mood was shattered and she was reduced to tears, constantly angry and Shouting: “Gold for everyone!Only I haven’t!”He even said he hated the sport and refused to attend the award ceremony.Later, after the team and staff continued to persuade, Trusova received the Gold dundun dun, but the whole black face, tears in her eyes, without any smile.After a day of rest and recuperation, Trusova smiled and waved to the crowd after receiving the silver medal and flowers.Cherbakova, who won the gold medal with a perfect performance, bounced onto the podium, her face as beautiful as a fairy.Looking closely at her coveted Olympic gold medal, “daughter” Serbakova kissed it.After the match, Serbakova looked a little lonely as her two teammates collapsed, but now that the dust has settled, she can finally savor her victory.Had valieva not played “serious disorder”, the Russian three children sweep the title of the second runner-up is certain, unexpected Olympic bronze medallist Sakamoto Hanakori from gold dun dun dun to bronze, has been the most happy, the most brilliant smile.Valieva, the favorite to win the Gold medal, was under pressure from a doping scandal and ended her winter Olympics by “breaking down and crying” in the free skate.After a night of rest, Valieva chose to leave the village early and return to Russia and her country.Will 15-year-old Valieva be crushed or will she be able to rise from the ashes?Only time will tell.For Serbakova and Trusova, they will remain in Beijing for an exhibition match on Feb. 20.Considering the fierce competition of Russian women figure skating, serbakova and Trusova can participate in the next Winter Olympics, full of suspense, like their friends can pay attention to the exhibition match, yuzuru Hanyu, who won the fourth place in men’s single, will also participate in the performance.