What’s the difference between time deposit with book and without book?Depositors need to know

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Our country has always been a big country of savers. People like to save money, which is based on the old generation’s obsession with saving money.People in the 60s and 70s, who were mostly on the run when they were younger, are more aware of the importance of saving.With savings, you won’t be at a loss when something unexpected happens.And the act of saving money has existed since ancient times.In ancient times, people kept their money in secret lockers at home, but it could be very dangerous if there was a thief.Then there were banks, where people kept their money.Banks were like banks today, but in ancient times there was a lot of instability.If war breaks out or the bank goes bankrupt, the people’s money will be involved.Now people keep their money in banks, which are the largest financial institutions in the country and have a very good system to protect people’s property security.When ordinary people deposit their money in the bank, they will have a passbook with details of how their deposits and withdrawals can be made.If you make a time deposit at a bank, what’s the difference between having a passbook and not having one?Nowadays, if young people have spare money, they will invest it or buy things they like with it.The older generation, on the other hand, save only for their own money and can take care of themselves safely.If you want a little more interest and are not short of money for the time being, you will choose time deposit.As a rule, the user who deposits money in a bank always has a passbook.This passbook contains the certificate of the depositor’s funds, and on the cover gold letters indicate the bank’s passbook.When you open it and look at the statement of deposit, you can see exactly when you have deposited money and when you have withdrawn money. It’s very convenient.But not every way of saving money has a passbook, if the choice of current deposit, after the deposit to get the certificate is not a passbook, just a deposit sheet.Without a passbook, many depositors feel that they cannot look up relevant information. Is the fund safe?In fact, no matter what method of deposit, for the depositor has played the role of financial security.According to the different business needs of banks, the certificates provided to depositors will naturally be different to a certain extent.Depositors also choose different deposit methods according to their own needs when saving money.Either the passbook or the deposit certificate is the depositor’s proof of deposit.Second, the emergence of bank cards. The older generation is actually more used to using passbook, stating their deposit information in black and white, and they feel that this kind of certificate is safer beside them.But the passbook is relatively troublesome to keep and not convenient for daily carrying.As The Times change, banks are also constantly improving their business.In order to provide depositors with more convenient deposit and withdrawal services, the bank card came into being.A small card can handle deposits or withdrawals.Except for large amounts of money deposit and withdrawal, there is basically no need to go through the counter, you can directly handle the deposit and withdrawal on the ATM with your bank card, which is very convenient.Nowadays, almost all adults have their own bank cards, which can be carried with them. Daily shopping consumption can also be directly paid by using bank cards, which brings more convenience to the life of the public.But middle-aged and elderly groups in the use of bank cards, but there are a lot of trouble.Many of them can’t use a smartphone, let alone surf the Internet.The deposit and withdrawal of the bank card can be printed by itself. If you want to check the historical details of deposit and withdrawal, you can download the APP of the bank from the mobile phone for inquiry.Middle-aged and elderly groups do not understand these, some even ATM self-service business is very difficult.They are more used to take the passbook to the counter for business, do not understand the place can directly ask the counter staff.And the passbook will record their savings details, they can open it to look at.So the emergence of bank cards, although to the young group brought more convenient operation, but the elderly group is very difficult to use.They don’t know how to record their savings on a small card.Therefore, when the elderly use bank cards, they will face a lot of trouble.Three, there is no difference between the passbook bank card to record the depositor’s access information, the first way is through SMS notification.As soon as a depositor makes a deposit or withdrawal, or transfers money or purchases, he or she will be notified by SMS.In addition, if depositors want to check the whereabouts of their money, they can do so through software on their mobile phones.After the bank card is widely used, the counter of small deposit and withdrawal business basically does not undertake to deal with, normally deposit and withdrawal amount should exceed 50000 yuan to be able to go to the counter to deal with, the rest can directly self-help deal with.Therefore, many people feel that the security of using bank cards is not as high as the passbook, especially the occurrence of bank card theft, which makes the elderly more resistant to using bank cards for business.Many young people think it makes no difference whether they have a bankbook or not, but a bankbook has a special meaning for the elderly.Since the founding of New China, every household has a passbook when they deposit money.The details inside record most people’s past life, only hold the passbook in hand, the heart of the people will be more practical and more secure.In addition, in practice, the passbook can also be accessed in different places, because the passbook is basically used throughout the country.Besides, the passbook is different from the electronic deposit certificate. The electronic deposit certificate can only be accessed once, but the passbook can be used many times.After a time deposit, the interest is withdrawn and can be kept in the deposit. Certificates of deposit do not have this function.Whether you use a bankbook or a bank card, there seems to be no big difference between using this bankbook or not in the age of rapid development of the Internet.But we can not ignore the needs of the elderly group, in terms of deposit, young people believe in a more convenient bank card, the elderly also have a unique sense of trust in the passbook.There is no conflict between the two, and they are not enough to cover a generation with their own ideas.Conclusion: When we go to the bank for deposit, we will find that there are many ways of deposit now, and the interest of each bank deposit is also different.No matter which bank you choose, what kind of deposit you choose, it is the best thing to preserve your property.Nowadays, bank cards are popular, but the old bankbook has not been eliminated.Young people have ways to save money that young people like, and old people can insist on their own ideas.No matter you use bank card or passbook, you must protect your money and do not disclose your personal information.How do you choose to use your bank card or your passbook?