Another biological invasion of North America, known as three stings of dead cattle steller bees, yunnan people as pets?

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The United States has trouble after trouble, with the Asian carp and wild boar epidemic still unsolved, and the Novel Coronavirus pandemic basically giving up its fight.But overnight, steller bees from Asia have arrived.They have infested many parts of the United States, killing people and threatening the local bee industry in their path.It may surprise you, but this wasp is quite capable of fighting.Just the sight of him munching meat makes you sweat.Steller bee is also regarded as the insect world of the flathead brother, its life creed is also to ignore life and death, do not obey.This makes the United States and local farmers, who have always been arrogant, tremble with fear.So how did these Asian steller bees, kept as pets by Yunnan people, end up in America to harm them?Please give a thumbs up to the new leader. Let’s take a look.Asian carp, introduced as a special talent, have turned America’s lakes upside down and swarms of wild boars roam the streets.Is the air now occupied by these killer bees?Is it not the destruction of land, sea and air?This guy because of the long tiger pattern on the body, plus a big head like a tiger, temperament is also fierce like a tiger, so the name of the tiger bee.It’s never been seen on the American continent before, and it’s not clear how it got there.Or it may have slipped unnoticed into the country that preached freedom, taking advantage of international trade.I don’t know if it’s really free or not, but Asian carp and wild boar are pretty free.True or false freedom is not the focus of today’s discussion.Biologists say that if the wasp is not eliminated within two years, it will inevitably become as unruly as the Asian carp.These invaders are quite large, and they can easily kill local bees.If a human is bitten by it, the acid cool guaranteed to be unforgettable.It’s time for America to enjoy the fear of being ruled by killer bees.Steller wasp is actually his common name, he is a wasp, scientific name is called Chinese big steller wasp or golden ring wasp.He is as dangerous as the five poisons.In 2011, in a small town in southern France, a young man fell to the ground after being stung by a hornet’s head. Fifteen minutes later, he was out with his lunch.I just wanted to know if you were scared?Other wild adventurers have been taught a hard lesson by these killer bees.Watching them suffer after the trick, it’s really creepy.The wasp penetrates the skin with its venomous three-millimetre stinger, and soon the entire arm becomes numb and feels nothing.Usually no more than six hours, stung #?Zhe1 # will make people feel painful.And then there’s a lot of swelling.Some leaders at this point may ask, what happens next?Then you just need to lie on the ground and think about what you want to do with your life, or just look at the scenery.Joking, of course.Then the whole village will go to your home to eat dinner!Don’t think that if you wear a suit it won’t sting you.The wasp’s stinger is three millimeters long, and it can easily penetrate a normal protective suit and insert the stinger into a human body.In order to eliminate these terrible invaders, the local agricultural department also tried their best.They also captured a few steller bees, fitted them with locators, and used them to find the hive in the hole in the tree.People were stunned to see the beehive, which was as big as a basketball.It’s home to about 200 bumblebees.After a tactical review, experts decided not to use nuclear weapons for the time being and sent out a team of heavily armed bees to suck the bees out of their hives through tubes into containers that were sealed and destroyed.This was a resounding victory.If we were half as concerned about the epidemic, we would not be in such a mess.It’s hard for the hundreds of thousands of lives lost to COVID-19.So where do these rowdy guys come from?Click on this and as we continue to see, the steller bee’s living area is relatively narrow.As the largest bee in the world, they are found mainly in Pakistan, Indonesia and southern China.They are one of the most dangerous insects in Asia.A 6cm long giant wasp with a 9.3cm wingspan was found on the border between Yunnan and Myanmar.The needle alone is over 3 millimeters.What is this concept?You couldn’t hide from him with three layers of insulating gloves.The size also broke the world record.But his notoriety was not due to his size.The main thing is that it has absolute power.His extremely long stings are several times as long as those of a normal bee, and a normal protective suit would have no effect.It also has 10 times more venom than normal bees.Its venom has a strong neurotoxin, the slightest careless can lead to death.These steller bees, not very nice looking bees, can easily wipe out a colony.A bee farmer in the United States was inspecting his hives when he found many dead bees lying on the ground.They were cut in the middle.He was taken aback and opened the hive to check.A look is more tearless, more than 20,000 bees were made of the entire army was destroyed, the body is basically cut off in the middle.There’s nothing artificial about it.I checked all the hives that were left.Eventually, with the help of insect experts, it was determined that the killer of the beheading was the invasive steller bee.As any bee owner knows, steller bees love to kill bees.If steller bees are found near the apiary, they must be removed in time, or they will lose a lot of money.Since the wasp’s appearance, local honey production has plummeted.Bee farmers are making things worse.Of course, in addition to the direct impact on the honey industry, local agriculture also suffered indirectly.We all know that bees play an important role in both fields and orchards.Most crops and fruit trees are pollinated by bees.Without bees, crop yields would be greatly reduced.Not even with all the technology.That’s why local farmers hate steller bees.In addition, steller bees are carnivorous insects that eat insects.Even a master predator like the mantis is no match for a steller.Now that the bees are established in the United States, nests have been found in many parts of the country.One day in February 2020, a young man somehow got in trouble with a steller.Swarmed by more than 40,000 steller bees, the situation is extremely dangerous.The local fire department was quick to block off the streets, but a number of innocent citizens were stung and sent to hospital.The most unlucky should be a firefighter, the body was actually stung more than a dozen places, how miserable, how miserable.If I had not sent to the hospital in time, I would have been on my post.In fact, this isn’t the first time the U.S. has been overrun by killer bees.It’s just that the old ones weren’t as virulent.It usually takes 500 to take down a grown man.Later, in order to expand its honey industry and develop more varieties of plants as sources of honey, South America imported large numbers of African bees from Africa and interbred them with native bees in the hope of creating a more adaptable variety.To my surprise, these Guys from Africa are all bad-tempered.Offspring born to native bees are also very unruly.They even killed off large numbers of native bees.Add that to the beauty of the environment and the lack of predators, and soon the numbers of these powerful African bees grow exponentially.As the numbers grew, they became even more brazen.They fly into people’s houses and they bite everyone, and if you fight back, they call their friends and they go out.Turn those arrogant white people into big heads.These African killer bees have since moved north, wreaking havoc on the local bee industry wherever they go.This makes the United States a mess.Their fear of bumblebees is even shown in the movies.But now the Asian steller bees in the United States are much better than the African bees.Imagine America’s collapse in the face of an Asian tiger.With these steller bees attacking humans and damaging the bee industry, you’d think they were a pest.Bumblebees aren’t really pests after all.In Yunnan area, there are people who breed steller bees.There are even people playing with bumblebees as pets.This is known as the most powerful steller to kill a cow in three bites.Is it too undignified to be a pet?In fact, the steller bee that people use as a pet is a drone, and it doesn’t sting, which means it doesn’t sting.If it was a female, I wouldn’t play with it.Today, steller bees in Yunnan are mainly bred to eat their pupae.It is said that if you want to persuade yunnan people to drink, do not need what wine table 36 plan, as long as the end of a plate of flocking, do not need to persuade, he can drink to the bottom of the table.The same steller bee, in the United States there is no measure, but in our mouth can eat flowers.There’s no need to say who’s the best.Do you have any steller bees?Have you ever eaten bee pupae?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.Ok, this is the end of the content, if you like, don’t forget to like, comment, pay attention to forwarding, we will see you next time.