Heart is too big!An expectant mother was arrested for drink-driving in Shui Tau, Nan

2022-04-24 0 By

Minnan Network February 11 (Minnan network reporter Chen Yuling correspondent Kang Xiaomin) that drink a cup of wine does not matter, quanzhou Nan ‘an Shuitou a pregnant woman will directly drive on the road.The woman was caught on the spot by traffic police in Nan ‘an early Monday morning for drunk driving.On the same day, nan ‘an traffic police brigade Shuitou squadron in shuitou town building materials street card to carry out night inspection unified action.At about 0:11 a.m., a white car entered the checkpoint and suddenly turned left onto the side road.Seeing this, the officers on duty came forward to intercept and beckoned to accept inspection.After opening the door, the officer found that the driver was a woman who smelled of alcohol.A breathalyzer test showed that the woman had been driving a motor vehicle with a alcohol content of 52mg/100ml.When questioned, the woman said that she was pregnant and that she and her husband had drunk RIO cocktails at home that night, thinking that the juice drink was not strong enough to qualify as drunk driving.She was about to move her car into a side lane parking space when she was seized.In the face of such a big heart “expectant mother”, the scene of the duty officers are nervous.Subsequently, the police carried on the criticism education according to law, informed its drunk driving harm, and according to law to Guo mou to make temporary detention of driving license for 6 months and a fine of 1000 yuan, a full 12 points of punishment.Source: Minnan.com