If Guan Yu had waited until After Cao Cao’s death to attack Xiangfan, would history have been changed?

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In 219, The 24th year of jian ‘an, Guan Yu attacked Xiangfan in the north. At the end of the year, he was forced to march to Maicheng and was killed in Linju. For more details, please visit my article why Guan Yu is the Most Suitable to Defend Jingzhou?Why did Guan Yu go to Maicheng? Let me tell you about it.Today we are going to discuss a question: why did Guan Yu invade Xiangfan in the north?In 208, the combined forces of Sun and Liu defeated Cao Cao at Chibi. “They were the first to take over the counties in the South of the Yangtze River, and then they conferred the title of Yuan Xun. Yu was appointed as the prefect of Xiangyang and the general of Dangkou and stationed in the north of the Yangtze River.Liu Bei’s northern campaign against Hanzhong Two months before Guan Yu’s northern campaign against Xiangfan, Liu Bei won the battle of Hanzhong. Guan Yu’s northern campaign against Xiangfan was able to keep Cao’s army at bay and consolidate the fruits of his victory. In July 219, the 24th year of jian ‘an, Liu Bei became king of Hanzhong.3, underdeveloped since sussing out 16 years (211), guan yu was ordered to guard that jingzhou has reached eight years, eight years, at an early age to liu bei, zhang fei, zhaoyun, wei yan, huang zhong, d, and so on were construction technology, especially take twenty-four years (219 years) in the first month, huang zhong guan yu as a “veteran” on dingjun slay xh, shocked to guan yu mind.4. Practice of the “Grass-lu Strategy” In the 12th year of Jian ‘an (217), When Zhuge Liang visited the thatched Hut three times, he said to Liu Bei that he could only unite the country by taking jingzhou and Yizhou and sending troops to the north to conquer the Central Plains. Liu Bei’s northern expedition to Hanzhong and Guan Yu’s northern expedition to Xiangfan happened to be a rehearsal of this strategy.In October 218, Hou Yin and Wei Kai killed Dongli Gun, the prefect of Nanyang. Guan Yu seized the “godsent opportunity” of nanyang rebellion to attack Xiangfan in the north.Will history be rewritten?In 220, Cao Cao died in the first month of jian ‘an. In March, the yuan was changed to Yankang. In October, Cao PI usurped han and established Wei.We are wondering, if Guan Yu had waited for Cao Cao’s death before attacking Xiangfan, would history have been changed?