In 2022, wechat is the most likely golden sentence

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01, is the wind is doomed to have no home, only its freedom.If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.If you often shed tears, you can not see the stars.Hide the gentleness in the details, and integrate the efforts into life.Don’t contradict a woman at any time, unless she says he’s not beautiful enough.06, there is no decent way to make money in the world, is to earn money after the decent!07, there is always a person, is we can not mottled time, look back will feel warm, the longer the time can see 08, regardless of knowledge level, a person deep arrangement and tidy up their own heart, this thing itself is very charming 09, if you don’t have to see red face, can also borrow some money.10, there is the best revenge, is to use the uneven qi, make oneself success 11, the best feeling in the world is not, you have the ability to revenge chose 12, one of the most sad people, tolerance is the one without memory, as long as have a good memory, is enough to finish a lifetime for 13, one day I will raise a glass, JingYiJing my dash,My lonely courage.My straight temper, my tears.Why is the latecomer on?Because the former does not fight and rob, the latter does not know propriety, integrity, and the party refused all.And undeniably, life has worn off some of our courage and gentleness, but I also believe that because we are still very young, so the lost will grow up, and the new part will shine.Growth all the way is to know how to shut up and work hard, know low-key humility, learn to be strong, in every cherished day, desperately to become the person you want to be.Nostalgia for the cherry rain and snow in the depths of Mount Fuji, but fear the hot magma that spurts out at any time.Life is a never-ending performance, every one of us is also an actor, but some people obey themselves, some people please the audience 19, LATER I know that life is a slow process of being hammered, people get old day by day, hope also fades away day by day, and finally become like a hammered cow.But on my twenty-first birthday I did not foresee this, and I felt that I would go on forever, that nothing could hammer me.Don’t use a moment of abundant desire to complain, to disturb others, everyone has their own moon, alone tide rises and falls will chew life full of flavor, the days live, often rely on not just mouth, but also have a heart soaked in the fireworks of the world.The best state of life is, however, a person, quiet and rich, two people, warm and steadfast to others envy, too easy, it is ok to install, but to let yourself envy yourself, you need to give up a lot of things, refuse a lot of things, know a lot of things.Life is to play chess with God, you take a step, God take a step, can’t step by step is you go, so take your every step.In the end, either you will take God’s army or God will take yours.) Choice determines your destiny.Thank you!