Kang Sheng has been dead for many years. How has life been since then?The son is over 100 years old, the daughter is a worker

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As we all know, our great motherland can usher in today’s stable and happy situation, behind the hard struggle of countless heroes and soldiers, bloody sweat to pay.Through heroic and selfless struggle, they had won the fruits of the revolution in those dark days.However, after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, some people coveted the fruits of the victory of the revolution and made mistakes to the Party.For the party and the country and the people caused irreparable huge losses.These people may also have made great and small contributions to the motherland in turbulent times.But they eventually turned their guns on their own people, and brutally persecuted many patriotic ancestors who had served their country on the battlefield, so that the heroes could not enjoy the glory they should have, but died with trumped-up charges, with hatred.The enemy of the national hero, is the enemy of justice and light, people face those who commit evil deeds, it is difficult to forgive, even if they have made contributions to the motherland, the glory of the moment, and finally can only classify them as the villain.Because, unjust dead hero needs a justice, justice and evil can not coexist.Kang Sheng (1898 — December 16, 1975) was originally zhang Zongke, and his literary name was Shao-Qing. His former names were Zhao Rong, Zhang Rong and Zhang Yun [1]. His birth name was Zhang Wang, and his pseudonym was Lu Chishui.He was a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, vice Chairman of the CPC Central Committee, vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, and vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee.Kang Sheng joined the Communist Party of China in 1925.During the revolutionary War, he led the secret front work for a long time.After 1966, he collated with Lin Biao and Jiang Qing and was one of the main members of the Cultural Revolution. He died in Beijing on December 16, 1975.In 1980, in view of his serious crimes, the CPC Central Committee decided to expel him from the CPC, revoke his Eulogy, and announce his crimes [2].Once under the leadership of the Communist Party, in turbulent times, dedicated their own strength for the country.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, according to his achievements, the CPC Central Committee gave him due honors, and when he died, the national flag flew at half-mast to mourn his departure.However, people walking on the wrong road, may gain for a while, but the end of this road is an abyss, the final outcome is doomed.After his death, Kang Sheng was expelled from the Communist Party of China (CPC), his eulogy revoked, and recorded in the annals of shame for the evil deeds he had committed before his death.Kang sheng had a son and a daughter by his first wife. How did his two children fare after he died and was expelled from the Communist Party?In 1898, Kang Sheng was born in a landlord family in Jiao County, Shandong Province. His living conditions were good, and his parents arranged his life well.When he was 17 years old and still in middle school, his parents arranged a marriage for him. Chen Yi was the daughter of Chen Yuzhen, a big landlord in Jiaonan.In the second year of their marriage, they gave birth to a daughter named Ying Cheung.In 1918, they had a son, zhang Yumin, later renamed Zhang Zishi.Before the Cultural Revolution, Kang Sheng had also contributed to the Party, but he was selfish. Later, with his power, he made a large number of unjust, false and erroneous cases, resulting in the persecution of many patriotic heroes.On December 16, 1975, he died in Beijing, because the situation at that time was still relatively favorable to him, and he had a certain amount of power, after death, he enjoyed a beautiful funeral.The gleam of the party’s proof began to clear in 1980, when he was expelled from the Central government as a member of a counterrevolutionary movement, his eulogy revoked and his crimes made public.Zhang Zishi, like his father, was involved in the plot to usurp the fruits of the Cultural Revolution, joining hands with Wang Xiaoyu, the vice-mayor of Qingdao, to seize the power of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee and become a member of the standing Committee. in July 1975, in hangzhou Zhang Zishi served as first secretary of the municipal party committee, as provincial party committee standing committee and other important positions, but because he takes the wrong course, this does not become his glory, treacherous court official is in power.He was also affected by the revelation of his father’s crimes and was himself a participant in the counter-revolution, so he was removed from office in February 1979.As we all know, those who can rest in Babaoshan are the souls and bones of heroes.They have made selfless contributions to the country and people, loyal to the Party, loyal to the country, adhere to the national justice and moral bottom line, deeply respected by people.Kang Sheng was also buried in Babaoshan Cemetery, but due to his crimes, his ashes were removed from the cemetery so that they could no longer be remembered.Zhang Zishi, Kangsheng’s son, was censored and expelled from the Communist Party of China’s gleason on Friday. He has since retreated to Shandong province, where he lives under an assumed name and no longer takes part in government.His daughter, Angela Cheung, who was not part of the plot, lived with her mother in their hometown and worked as a factory worker in Qingdao.The true gentleman, regardless of the gleason’s gain in adversity or prosperity, has always stood firm on the bottom line of his heart, choosing justice and light, and never sacrificing collective interests for personal gain.Kang Sheng and his son, on the other hand, were stigmatized and despised by the world.