Longhu Financial Center has been approved pre-sale card, will enter the market 24 houses

2022-04-24 0 By

According to the housing security and real estate administration bureau of Zhengzhou, Longhu Financial Center on April 1, approved the pre-sale certificate, approved the pre-sale certificate office 24 sets, approved building 8# building, pre-sale certificate number is: Zheng Fang pre-sale word (D1198).According to public information, the pre-sale card for the record named Longhu Financial Center outer ring No. 8 building, located in Zhengdong New District deputy CBD TC3-08 plot, the developer for Zhengzhou Xiejin Real Estate Co., LTD., it is reported that the building is 21#3# building, office building area of 54730.40 square meters, 21 sets of housing, commercial building area of 6384.51 square meters,Acquired 3 houses.Property fee: 21.67 YUAN/month/square meter for office, 21.67 yuan/month/square meter for commercial.Continue to pay attention to the certification of real estate, to understand the latest market developments, concessions!Cambridge Huan new ideas 6 actions, 1 billion subsidies to attack