Plant protein industry new action, traditional player Weiyi is about to subvert the industry

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What will The Chinese drink in the next decade?If you pay a little attention to the Chinese beverage market in 2020 ~ 2021, or as consumers online and offline beverage procurement, then the answer will be clear: vegetable protein drinks.According to the “2020 Vegetable protein beverage Innovation Trend” released in January 2021, the vegetable protein beverage market in 2020 is developing rapidly, with a growth rate of up to 800% and a 900% increase in the number of buyers. The sales growth rate is far higher than other beverage categories, contributing 15.5% to the growth of the beverage market, ranking third.With the progress of society, people’s health concept is constantly improving: how to get protein effectively while paying more attention to the balance with health has become the focus of many people.Vegetable protein drinks in this aspect of the advantages prominent, thereby driving a large number of brands into the office.In fact, in the vegetable protein drink market, there is a brand in the deep cultivation, and in the vegetable protein drink market is not so mature and advanced, it insists on doing more “natural” “healthy” plant protein products, it is a lot of people’s “childhood memories” – Weiyi.Weiyi Natural Drinks has been developing and producing vegetable protein drinks since 1990. With a history of more than 30 years, it has accumulated a strong innovative RESEARCH and development team and production capacity and has been leading the market.In the 1990s, We began to focus on the standard “natural” and “healthy” nut-based drinks and became the first beverage brand in China without preservatives.In 2013, after three years of research and development and years of technical accumulation, we became the pioneer of “China’s first zero-additive nut drink”.Weiyi has been leading domestic vegetable protein drinks with good product strength and user reputation. On the first day of the New Year of the Year of the Tiger, it started two major actions in a row and revealed a number of breakthroughs in this field, arousing thousands of waves in the industry.This has always had his own unique personality, with two pound news, let this year’s vegetable protein drink market, become more interesting.01, original new products, technical breakthrough weiyi’s two major actions, one is to formally launch its “Zhen” nut milk series products.With a brand that has been grinding for a decade, Weiyi relies on its 30 years of technical accumulation leading in the field of vegetable protein and combines three core technologies in a breakthrough to redefine the innovation and product power of “Zhizhen” nut milk in this market segment:Nut enzymolysis/zero additive technology supported by the clean formula/trehalose three technologies, so that nut drinks can achieve the same as milk more than 3g protein per 100ml, 120mg of high calcium content, and more than oat milk and other plant protein drinks 3.3g natural dietary fiber four times.While making up the biggest difference with animal protein (protein and calcium content), it gives full play to the biggest advantages of plant protein: high-quality dietary fiber, natural vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, not to worry about lactose intolerance, milk allergy, animal hormones, cholesterol and other problems brought by animal milk.”All the good things you have, all the good things you don’t have.”Weiyi “plant zhen” nut milk, so that plant milk as a perfect supplement to animal milk, or even the “single” choice under the differentiated needs of consumers.02, announced the endorsement, the champion of another big action, is unveiled weiyi “zhen” nut milk spokesperson.He is Wang Shun, the men’s champion at the Tokyo Olympics and the best Male swimmer in Asia.Choosing Wang Shun as the spokesperson of the product is because Weiyi believes that in this era, the pursuit of Oriental people should not only be “follow”, but “create”.To prove to the world the power of the East!Ensuring good quality and essential protein access is a sign of improved health for citizens of any country.Asians have a high rate of lactose intolerance and a long history of drinking plant-based milk.It is our vision and mission to develop a milk that is truly suitable for Asian people.Weiyi believes that the true power of the East comes from the understanding of oneself and the outside, and from the eastern philosophy of “accumulation of wealth and development”.When we commit ourselves to being ourselves.The world will change because of us.Weiyi “zhen” nut milk, more suitable for Asian milk!Source: plant protein drink Market sales volume 2021 Plant protein drink market development New trend