You know those diamond-encrusted watches that glitter in luxury?

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In the hearts of many people who love watches, the value of the watch is set with diamond “diamond” : so people accept the expensive price of the watch set with diamond, appreciate the unique and shining on the model, with superb inlaid skills to highlight their taste and strength.In most cases, the table and the diamond complement each other. Without the table as a carrier, the diamonds would look like broken diamonds.Through the clever design of the brand again, perfect fit, let the host immediately on the wrist unripe brightness.Edit search map in consumer view, often is the dial inlaid how many gems instead became the focus of this watch.For example on many watch show, set diamond watch can be said to be seen, be consulted the most, but often buy the least.On the other hand, diamond-set watches are mostly made for women, and for most women, the level of appearance is often above everything in their eyes.The most common practice on diamond-set watches is to inlay a circle of diamonds on the case, or to replace the time mark with diamonds on the dial.And these diamond, often can be inlaid in the way of nail-set go up, make dial more prominent, and reveal the gas of nobility.While snowflake inserts are arranged in neat rows of diamonds of different sizes, covering the metal surface like snowflakes.First pick out the most suitable diamond, to be polished to the required diameter size, its thickness requirements can not differ too much, and then the watchmaker will be inlaid on the case, so complex and precision inlay process, time test watchmakers’ skills.There is no easy way to set a gem.From 1-carat stones on top watchmakers’ dials to tiny diamonds measuring just 0.2mm in length on hands, these inlays are demanding to be made by hand.Edit SouTu today to circulate on the market is a rough diamond watches and set a watch, just as its name implies, a rough diamond watch brand has mounted before official release, because of its materials and on their diamond-encrusted table Mosaic process requirement is very high, so the original drill after the watch on the quality and technology is far more than set the watch.And the watch brand after sale that sets auger is very troublesome, do not try easily.Most importantly, it also affects the price of recycling.The above is about some of the content of the diamond watch, Beijing pawnshop around you good things private examiner.