Chongqing female Mafia boss arrested in 2009: more than 200 police officers were mobilized to rescue hundreds of trapped women

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In 2011, the execution of Wang Ziqi, a female leader of the Daxigou Gang outside Chongqing, sparked heated debate.After learning of Wang ziqi’s death, residents in Yuzhong District of Chongqing applauded. People’s posts at that time can still be found on the Internet, praising the police for their fair enforcement.Today, more than a decade has passed since Wang ziqi’s death, but the discussion about her case still endures.It also makes people wonder what evil Wang Ziqi did.Why did her execution cause such a huge public reaction?Ziqi Wang is a native of Chongqing who was born in 1974.Because her parents were busy with work, Wang Ziqi lacked the discipline of her parents since childhood. Therefore, wang Ziqi kept close contact with some social figures when she was in school. Before she finished high school, she began to blend in with the society.Wang Ziqi looks good condition, at the same time the family is better, so she mixed with the society of this period of time, can be said to be like a duck in water, before long, into the nearby dance hall famous “character”.When Wang Ziqi became an adult, she still did not choose to break away from this noisy “underground world”.In her 20 years old that year, she drew his younger sister Wang Wanning, together with Tao Mingyang, Zhong Guangyu and other social rascals, made “biaoliang for prostitution” business, this year happened in 1994.At first, Wang ziqi contracted a hotel and several foot washing rooms with her friends, and tried to draw some prostitutes to do business, but slowly, with the arrival of real money and silver.As Ms. Wang’s ambitions swelled, she decided to scale up.To avoid detection, Wang ziqi opened a teahouse in Daxigou, Chongqing, and named it “Bright Teahouse”.On the surface, this teahouse is not very impressive, even ordinary, but inside, there is a lot going on.The rooms on the second and third floors, each with a large double bed, were almost the equivalent of a large-scale hotel where Ms. Wang organized her illegal activities.There are even several deluxe suites for different guests.At the back of the teahouse are what Ms. Wang calls “staff dormitories,” which are surprisingly harsh, often housing more than a dozen people in a single room.For these so-called “employees” who make money for themselves, Wang’s standard of living is nothing short of abusive.It was dirty, crowded, poorly kept and fenced except for a small back door that was guarded 24 hours a day.Its “employees” have little communication with the outside world, limited personal freedom and a pittance.According to police statistics, wang ziqi’s illegal detention and forced prostitution may be as many as 2,000 people.The teahouse run by Wang Ziqi was once called “miss Concentration Camp” by others.So why do so many people still work for Wang Ziqi when she gives them such bad conditions?In fact, a significant number of these people did not come voluntarily.With her connections in the local underworld, Ms. Wang focused on young women who were unemployed or fresh out of school.Through deception, abduction, coercion and other ways to bring them into their own, even some minors have been poisoned.After all, it was illegal business, and other people did not have such a “hard” relationship with Wang Ziqi, plus severe oppression and exploitation.Wang ziqi’s business soon grew bigger and stronger, forming a monopoly and bringing huge profits to wang ziqi and others.Wang Ziqi is in heyday its gang core personnel is as high as 80 people, seeing business is done more and more bigger, Wang Ziqi also begins to dozen fluctuation relation.Wang Ziqi was introduced by a friend and caught up with Chen Tao, captain of the Public security Corps of Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau.In the following time, Wang ziqi sent tens of thousands of yuan in cash to Chen Tao, and once for him to find a woman to sleep with, a total of 13 times.Under Chen Tao’s protection, Wang ziqi remained unharmed despite repeated reports over the years.In addition to Chen tao, several local government officials in Chongqing have traded power and sex with Wang ziqi.Wang Ziqi’s “bright spot teahouse” has become an outlaw.But no matter how carefully Wang ziqi planned, it was impossible to run such a huge “trading market” without accidents.In fact, over the years, Wang Ziqi has had many close calls.In 2002, staff at The Bright Spot Teahouse, owned by Wang Ziqi, clashed with two clients, first exchanging insults and then fighting.In the melee, Wang Ziqi’s men actually took out two pistols to shoot each other, resulting in two deaths on the spot, several people seriously injured.This incident caused a great disturbance at that time, resulting in extremely bad influence.After the incident, the police also investigated the matter, but under the heavy bribe of Wang Ziqi, the matter was unexpectedly suppressed, and the investigation ended without any investigation.Wang ziqi’s teahouse received another tip in 2007, when a man claimed that his wife had been taken away by wang ziqi’s teahouse staff while she was looking for work.In order to save his wife, the husband waited for several days in front of Wang Ziqi’s teahouse.At the same time, the police contact reporters hope to be able to expose Wang Ziqi’s doings, but under wang Ziqi’s various threats involving black gangs, the man was eventually helpless to give up…Also in 2007, a woman tried to jump from the eighth floor of Wang ziqi’s bright Spot teahouse, sparking a public outcry.According to an eyewitness, the woman jumped from the eighth floor rather than go back to Wang ziqi’s teahouse because her body was covered with bruises.All these vile practices make people angry, but what makes people even angrier is that under the protection of the “umbrella”, Wang Ziqi and others not only did not receive any punishment, but even grew bigger and stronger, opening many branches.After more than a decade of organizing prostitution, Wang ziqi has opened nearly a dozen outlets, from beauty salons to foot salons, almost all over Chongqing.Everyone knew what she was doing, but nobody could do anything about it. Nobody knew how long it would last.In 2009, Chen Tao, Wang ziqi’s protective umbrella, revealed to Wang ziqi that “the investigation has been very strict recently” after he went to a meeting in another city.He asked Wang ziqi to restrain her behavior, but she ignored Chen tao’s warning and thought it was just for show.But what she didn’t expect was that this time, the country and the government were coming for her.On August 7, 2009, more than 200 police officers in Yuzhong District of Chongqing launched a special operation to target wang Ziqi’s “bright teahouse” in Daxigou.This time it occurred to me that no one had been notified, and even Wang Ziqi and others did not take any preventive measures.At 11 p.m., more than 200 heavily armed police surrounded the bright Spot teahouse, and nearly all of Wang ziqi and her gang members were arrested.The “bright teahouse,” which rescued hundreds of trapped women and stood in Daegye Valley for more than 10 years, became history on this day.Wang Ziqi and others arrested, in the face of solid facts and evidence, had to confess.In August 2010, after a period of gathering evidence, the Fifth Intermediate People’s Court of Chongqing began a show trial.The first trial of the case to organize, leading the nature of the underworld organization crime, forced prostitution crime, prostitution crime, illegal detention, bribery 5 charges.Wang Ziqi was sentenced to death. Among the other 20 key members, one was sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve, two were sentenced to life imprisonment, and 21 were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment respectively.Four civil servants were also sentenced to three to 15 years in prison for taking bribes.”Daxi ditch bright spot teahouse case” at this point completely ended.Ten years later, the victims were interviewed again. Although Wang Ziqi was caught, the damage she caused to those victims did not go away.In August last year, a reporter from Chongqing TV visited zhu Hong (pseudonym), the original victim, for the first time in 10 years.In this interview, Zhu Hong recalls the past SOB, often think of Wang Ziqi when the net, she always feels unbelievable, and even thought he was living in a dream.”Wang Ziqi was so powerful at that time that there was almost no possibility of escape in her hands…Because I didn’t expect that in just a few years, Wang Ziqi and her people would fall completely, just like a dream…”Zhu Hong is one of only a handful of the hundreds of girls wang ziqi controlled who are now willing to be interviewed by reporters.Talk about the past, scarlet still lingering, “Wang Ziqi these people is too cruel to us, a little do not pay attention to, is a beat and scold, on man press the cigarette butts, high heel kick people, these are all Wang Ziqi commonly used method, the advantage is that pain to pain, but will not result in a fatal wound, after finished, can still meet guest in the evening.”In the interview, Zhu Hong pulled up her sleeve to show the reporter his arm on that shocking wound.Today, of course, those wounds don’t hurt any more, but when she sees them, Zhu Hong can still recall her dark days.In society, Wang Ziqi was a generous and righteous elder sister to the outside world, but internally he was more cruel than any slave owner in human history.Zhu Hong still remembers clearly that one of her companions tried to escape and was found by Wang Ziqi, who sent thugs to torture him for several days.When she saw her companion again, she was tortured to death.Perhaps someone is curious, Wang Ziqi is so rampant, why no one to report them?In the years leading up to her arrest, Ms. Wang was reported to the local public security department almost every year.However, due to Wang ziqi’s strong ties, these reports were all sunk in the sea, and even the informant was threatened.In the speech to the following people, Wang Ziqi once rampant said, let everyone casually Sue, Sue to win calculated that she lost.After a few times a year, no one dares to fuck Wang Ziqi anymore.”Almost everyone was desperate to turn in Wang ziqi,” says Mr Zhu, recalling the incident with an unmistakable sense of “disappointment”.There was no hope at all. It was hell on earth.Zhu Hong revealed that those who had suffered wang Ziqi hurt the girl, now mostly have their own life, do not want to recall the past.Now Zhu Hong has also found her husband, before they fall in love to confirm their relationship, she confessed her past to him.However, after hearing Zhu Hong’s honesty, her husband did not care and still chose to stay with her.Now Zhu Hong has her own daughter and a newborn son, a family of four, life is very happy.After Wang Ziqi and its henchmen were arrested, those girls like Zhu Hong finally ushered in their own life of relief, today’s Zhu Hong began his breakfast shop, although the day is not rich, but also calculate happy.At the end of the interview, Zhu Hong solemnly expressed her gratitude to the camera, to those who care about her, to the government’s sanctions, and to the conscience of the society.Although Wang ziqi has now been punished, how much evil she has done over the years remains a mystery.Up to now, the aftermath of the case of Wang Ziqi is still in progress, Wang Ziqi entrenched in Daxigou for more than ten years, intimidation of thousands of women.It is a huge task to clear up his crimes. Although police have collected most of the evidence, the whereabouts of seven women in this case are still unknown. No one knows if they are alive or dead.The seven women may have died and been buried, or may have been sold by Wang Ziqi as outsiders…The investigation process of this case is not not fine, from Wang Ziqi’s arrest to the execution, a full two years, but still did not find the whereabouts of the seven people, which also explains from the side of Wang Ziqi’s gang is too numerous to record.But fortunately, most of the victims have returned to normal life, and now there are no teahouses in Daxigou.The gangs that once ran amok on the streets have also disappeared, and with the nationwide implementation of the anti-mafia campaign, more and more people like Wang Ziqi have been punished by the law.Just as the general Secretary said at the summary and commendation meeting of the Special Struggle against Mafia on March 8, 2021, “Mafia forces are a social cancer, seriously damaging the economic and social order and eroding the ruling foundation of the Party.”The Party and the state will never allow such organizations to be a disaster, and no matter how much time or money they spend, they will be cleaned up.[1] The second trial of Chongqing “Bright spot” case sentenced the female black boss Wang Ziqi to death.China News.[2] Wang Ziqi, leader of chongqing gangland organization, was executed today.