Hangzhou reported that seven people had been infected at a wedding;Experts have concluded that the overall risk of the outbreak is controllable

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The 43rd press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control was held in Hangzhou at 16:00 on January 28.From 0 to 12 o ‘clock on January 28, hangzhou reported 8 new local confirmed cases, including 4 cases in Fuyang District, 3 cases in Xiaoshan District and 1 case in Binjiang District.As of 12 o ‘clock on January 28, a total of 30 local confirmed cases had been reported, including 16 in Binjiang District, 7 in Xiaoshan District, 4 in Fuyang District, 2 in Shangcheng District and 1 in Xihu District. All cases were mild, and no new asymptomatic local cases had been reported.Among the 30 confirmed cases, three were found to have sought medical treatment voluntarily, four were found to have been screened in containment areas, and 23 were found to have been tested at isolation sites.Among the 30 cases, 15 were employees of Huite Catering Equipment Co., LTD., and there were 4 cases of family cluster outbreaks involving 9 people.In one wedding party, we found seven people infected.In addition, 7 infected people lived or worked in The Xiyuan community of Changjiang River in Binjiang District, showing a certain degree of clustering.At present, there is one risk area in the city, and classified control measures and environmental disinfection have been taken in all relevant epidemic-related sites.According to the epidemiological investigation, experts concluded that the transmission chain of this round of epidemic is relatively clear and the overall risk is controllable, but there may still be more positive cases in the future.The main reasons for this are as follows: First, the earliest onset of the infection was On January 20, and the onset of most cases was between January 20 and 25.We assume that the first case was discovered in the third generation, so we assume that the introduction of the virus was in early January.Second, half of the cases were workers of Huite Catering Equipment Co., LTD., and the time interval between the onset of the cases and the isolation control was long, indicating that the virus had already spread in the company, and there may still be follow-up cases.Thirdly, there were a number of cases in Changhe Xiyuan and Changhe Community that were not employees of the company, suggesting that there may be community transmission in the community, and the possibility of further cases in the community cannot be ruled out.Fourthly, we have also noticed that seven cases have been found among the participants of a wedding held on January 22.This wedding has become the place where the epidemic is magnified, but HERE I also ask the general public to rest assured that we have carried out a careful investigation of all the people associated with the above places and places, and implemented strict control measures to achieve the goal of eliminating social gatherings as soon as possible.As of 153pm on 28th, a total of 9218 people were transferred from Binjiang District of Hangzhou. Confirmed cases were found in Changjiang Community and Xiyuan of Changjiang River in the original prevention area on the evening of 26th January.The COVID-19 prevention and control Headquarters of Binjiang District immediately issued notice No. 3, which adjusted The Yangtze Community and Xiyuan of Yangtze River as closed control areas.Considering the Mick Dijon infectivity is very strong, the Yangtze river area and the Yangtze river west of confirmed cases of contact and time contact relative personnel is more, shop house format is more complex, in order to ensure the safety of the staff, to prevent the spread of spread, according to the national and provincial epidemic prevention and control regulations, the epidemic prevention and control expert assessments suggest seriously,We decided to transfer the personnel from The Yangtze Community and The Yangtze Xiyuan to the centralized isolation point.There are a total of 95 residential buildings, 2662 households and 9322 people in the sealed area. As of 3 PM today (January 28), 336 trains have been transferred, and 9218 people have been transferred safely.From: Tang Junyao, zhejiang Daily reporter, Li Rui Source: Zhejiang News, Guangming net