Leader, last train, ranking, MVP, CBA regular season at least four big suspense

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Aaron Guo’s team is temporarily on top.With only four rounds remaining in the CBA regular season, Liaoning returned to the top of the table with a 101-82 victory over an all-Chinese team that lacked Wu Qian on Sunday night.While the regular season has come to an end, there are still many suspense, not to exaggerate to say that the biggest suspense of this season’s regular season will be revealed in the last four rounds of the regular season.The battle for the top spot and the regular-season title is undoubtedly the biggest watch.In many waiting in suspense, the regular season champion belongs to which team, is undoubtedly one of the most compelling content, from the point of the current ranking, now ranked top four teams, perhaps is most likely to lock in the regular season champion four teams – was ranked no. 5 in shenzhen between men’s basketball team and the team have four games.As of the 34th round of the competition, the top four teams in the standings have their respective records: Liaoning 28-6, Zhejiang Guangsha 28-6, Shanghai 27-7 and Zhejiang 26-8.From the last four rounds of regular season schedule, the current temporary ranking of the top of the liaoning men’s basketball team is also the most likely to lock the regular season championship team.The opponents of Liaoning men’s basketball team in the last four rounds are Sichuan, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Sichuan.With the exception of the Shanghai match, liaoning should have no problem winning the other three games — assuming, of course, that liaoning is eager to win.Stage of the regular season, by contrast, were the liaoning men’s basketball team of “double play” zhejiang dwellings, the last four round opponent is relatively stronger, in addition to the next face Qingdao men’s basketball team and the final round face jiangsu men’s basketball team, zhejiang metal will also successively against men’s basketball team, zhejiang and Shanghai men’s basketball team, if in the showdown between slip, so I’m afraid it is difficult to shelter zhejiang shake the liaoning men’s basketball team.Zhejiang guangsha will again encounter Shanghai men’s basketball.With Zhejiang guangsha similar, Shanghai men’s basketball and Zhejiang men’s basketball in the last four rounds of the opponent is also not easy, Shanghai men’s basketball in addition to liaoning men’s basketball, Zhejiang Guangsha these two top war, the other two matches are currently ranked with 20 wins and 14 losses of the 9th Shanxi men’s basketball;The disadvantage in the competition for the regular season champion team, zhejiang province, the situation in the future also is not optimistic, in addition to the final round in the face of absolute “soft persimmon” nanjing with the sunrise, zhejiang men’s basketball team three other games are two men in jilin, once encounter zhejiang metal, metal besides, zhejiang province, jilin team to have what kind of qualities, really don’t need to say more.Jilin men’s basketball team is really not a “good stubble”.In the top four this season has completed the match, Liaoning men’s basketball 3-2, Shanghai men’s basketball 3-1, Zhejiang Guangsha 2-2, Zhejiang men’s basketball 1-4.The previous record of the four teams looks like it also fits the current ranking of the four teams.Last train contention Hudson some with tao Hailong lack of Shandong men’s basketball?With Qingdao and Sichuan out of the playoffs, there are still 14 teams left, so which team can take the last bus in the playoffs, may also be a big watch in the last four rounds of the game.From the current integral and ranking, with 19-15 jilin team ranked 10th championship, locking a playoff tickets should do not have too big problems, although they will encounter twice zhejiang men’s basketball team, but they are the other two games has been out of the playoffs, and nearly 10 negative Qingdao team record for only 3-7 – here also want to say:Jilin come on!If Jilin is virtually free for the playoffs, that means Shandong (17-17), Tianjin (16-18), Beikong (16-18) and Xinjiang (16-18) will be battling it out in the final four rounds for the last two playoff tickets.Tianjin men’s basketball team temporarily surpassed Beikong men’s basketball team.Shandong men’s basketball and the north control men’s basketball into this “interlinked set”, in addition to injuries (Tao Hanlin and Zou Yuchen) really can only be attributed to their recent lack of effort.In the recent 10 rounds of regular season games, Shandong men’s basketball record is 5-5, beikong men’s basketball is only 3-7, the original hope of Tianjin men’s basketball and Xinjiang men’s basketball, but in the recent record of 7-3 — Tianjin men’s basketball is recently won 5 in a row.The final four rounds of the four teams are also not easy.Among them, shandong men’s basketball in addition to the game with Fujian men’s basketball, the other three games are respectively against Tianjin men’s basketball, Beijing men’s basketball and Guangdong men’s basketball;In addition to facing Shandong men’s basketball team, Tianjin men’s basketball team will also face beikong men’s basketball team, Xinjiang men’s basketball team these two competitors, Tianjin men’s basketball team may be the most sure of the penultimate round and Ningbo men’s basketball team competition;In addition to facing Tianjin, Marbury’s team will also face Guangdong, Shenzhen and Fujian.Of course, the most difficult or currently ranked 14th xinjiang men’s basketball, in addition to the last round of the face of Tianjin men’s basketball, Xinjiang’s other three opponents are Shenzhen men’s basketball, Beijing and Guangdong men’s basketball.Which two teams will make the playoffs?It is indeed still a big unknown, but perhaps it is certain that the winner of this last race will be the two more determined teams.That said, a team that crashed out of the playoffs last season may be under a lot of psychological pressure right now.No team dare to underestimate the guangdong men’s basketball playoff.As was the case last season, there will be a 12-of-8 play-off round, so the teams that clinched the playoffs but didn’t finish in the top four may have to try to position themselves better in the final four regular season rounds.The reason for saying so is also very simple, because the current 23-11 guangdong men’s basketball team is likely to participate in the “12 into 8” play-off.For any team, no matter how bad the record of Guangdong men’s basketball team is this season, it is probably the “aspiration” of most teams to meet Guangdong men’s basketball team in the playoffs as late as possible — Guangdong men’s basketball team may be really proud of their deterrence.In fact, apart from Guangdong, the Beijing men’s basketball team, which is 22-12 and also likely to appear in the play-off, is probably not a team other teams want to meet too early.This means that most of the teams that have not yet been booked, but are certain to play in the play-offs, will have to play in the final four rounds counting points and rankings.In comparison, the last four rounds of opponents are respectively North Control men’s basketball, Ningbo men’s basketball, Xinjiang men’s basketball and Shandong men’s basketball of Guangdong men’s basketball, the last four rounds of opponents are respectively Ningbo men’s basketball, Xinjiang men’s basketball, Shandong men’s basketball and Ningbo men’s basketball of Beijing men’s basketball, obviously in the last four rounds of regular season more active.They could have faced all the games they wanted and left it to opponents who didn’t want to face them in the play-offs.Hu has won the MVP award twice.At the end of each regular season, many suspense will be revealed, and the CBA league will usher in the “ultimate suspense” of the regular season, the winner of the MVP.According to the CBA rules, players must meet three criteria to be eligible for the MVP award: first, they must have played in at least 26 games;If your team makes the playoffs (top 12);Third, personal cumulative contribution worth points ranked the top 12.Aaron Guo, who has played in just 20 games, is clearly out of the MVP race.If Xinjiang men’s basketball team does not make the playoffs, then abdushalamu, who currently ranks the top scorer in China with 22.9 points per game, will not be selected.The CBA released a list of the top 12 players in CUMULATIVE contribution after round 16 of this season’s regular season.Hu Jinqiu (3.53 PPG) ranked first on the list, followed by Chen Yingjun (3.48 PPG), who had just helped Guangzhou beat Guangdong.At that time announced the real-time individual cumulative contribution value player list, and Zhu Xuhang, Fan Ziming, Zhu Junlong and other surprising players.As the regular season progresses, however, it remains unclear, at least for now, which 12 players will make the final cut.It’s probably safe to say that Chin-chu hu, who has twice won the MVP award this season, really wouldn’t raise too many questions.