Ming Dynasty strange case: informed county broken house shelter, gambling ghost drunk revealed grievances, green snake into the anus lead ethical case

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As mentioned in the last episode, Hong Da Pao, a poyang lake man, was transferred to fengyang County to deal with an unsolved murder case in the county. Because the case is complicated and difficult to crack, Hong Da Pao had no clue.Until the Tomb-sweeping Day, he alone outing, passing by a mass grave, see two children in the new grave, found clues, then two children’s words, but also caused the attention of Hong Da gun!Then follow the trail, will the dead lovely wife subpoena to the lobby to ask a case, regardless of blocking the decision to open the coffin autopsy!But the result is not what everyone expected…Finally this case where he from, backside after all there is he not to conceal the secret, the real criminal of the case is who after all, hong Zhi county how should deal with again, we continue to look down!That qian Feng listen to hong zhixian say so, immediately surprised then put down the hands of chopsticks said: “although I do not become, all day idle fu at home, but in addition to daily service old mother, no other care, so live, although fell others tongue, but they also live natural and unrestrained!”Seeing this, Hong immediately retorted, “Although you have been happy, have you ever thought about your old mother’s feelings?How much better to stay and take a wife and have children and serve your mother!”That qian Feng smell speech, ha ha laugh to: “elder brother Taiwan necessary difference yi, the reason why don’t marry a wife, one is no money, don’t want to have that burden!Second, this common saying goes well, this green bamboo snake into the belly, the most poisonous woman heart!You see that Lin Xiansen at the foot of the mountain married a wife and how?He had some money and a pretty wife, but what happened?He died in less than a year, and his wife secretly invited other men home just days after his death!”Hong zhi county heard speech, the heart immediately a surprise, then immediately restore calm, pretended to be calm of say: “THIS matter I also heard of, not say that Hong Zhi county has opened the coffin to examine the body, prove is not murder of it?How would you say he didn’t end well?If you’re drunk, go to bed early. Don’t talk nonsense here. You’ll be listened to by people with ulterior motives, and you’ll get killed!”That qian Feng smell speech, immediately again big smile way: “I Qian Feng alone, said of speech every true, even if the magistrate adult came, I also dare to say so!That Lin Xiansen’s death, in addition to I know the inside story, even if the Wolong Mr. Alive, also absolutely do not know how Lin Xiansen died!”This flood county heard here, the heart has been a tempestuous waves!So suppress the excitement in the heart, hurriedly ask qian Feng what is the truth of this matter?That qian Feng see hong county magistrate is in high spirits, know oneself already drink many words, immediately then say: “this is other people’s right and wrong, said also have no benefit, or drink to eat vegetables comfortable.”Flood county know this qian Feng is an insider at this time, which li would let go of such a good opportunity, immediately raised a glass even respect qian Feng three big bowls, and then vowed to qian Feng never reveal others, begged him to listen to this matter.Qian Feng see hong Zhixian so interested in this matter, and then made a poison oath, immediately put down the heart of the bad feelings, slowly tell the truth to Hong Zhixian.Originally, this qian Fengben is a gentleman of liang.That day, he lost his money in gambling. He wanted to steal some money from a big house so that he could eat and drink at home.After thinking, he chose the Lin Xiansen home, so he climbed the wall into the Lin Xiansen home, secretly came to Lin Xiansen bedroom outside the window.But when he looked through the window, but saw a strong man is hard to step on the prone in the bed of Lin Xiansen’s vest, and grabbed his neck.And the Lin Xiansen’s daughter-in-law Wang, grabbed a small green snake from the side of the bamboo basket, and then withdrew Lin Xiansen’s clothes, the head of the snake into Lin Xiansen’s anus, and finally this Wang with scissors cut off the tail of the small green snake.The snake was cut off the tail, immediately the pain of straight rolling, not for a while along Lin Xiansen’s anus, drilling into his stomach.The poor Lin Xiansen pain, screaming in bed for a long time, finally not Gandhi swallowed.After Lin Xiansen died, Wang and the strong man together, the cut snake tail and scissors together with the bamboo basket, buried in the corner of the house.When they had done all this, they drank and made merry, and rolled together.Wait until the next day early in the morning, the village spread the news of The sudden death of Lin Xiansen.Qian Feng witnessed the whole thing, immediately scared tremble, where also dare to continue to steal, such as two people have sex, he secretly ran home.This case technique is very strict and means very hot, although the magistrate is fair and incorrupt, also found that Lin Xiansen’s death is suspicious, although the coffin was opened for autopsy, but can not test such homicide, nature can not solve the case.Hong county magistrate listened, the moment suddenly suddenly realized.Such a strange method of murder, indeed very hot and never seen.Snake is a cold-blooded animal, after cutting off its tail into the body must be unable to bear the body heat, so it will move around in the body.Snake in the frightened, will go into the state of self-defense, so will be in the body everywhere disorderly bite, and finally this Lin Xiansen will naturally died of poisoning.As the snake was biting from within, it was impossible to find out what it was because it had not been noticed at the time of the inspection, and so they were able to conceal it.Flood county magistrate listen to, ask qian Feng said whether it is true, the qian Feng swear to day, said this matter is very true, dare not have the slightest do false!Flood county magistrate see qian Feng swear affirmation, immediately in the heart exulted, but then pretend to be calm and pull some gossip, two people drink until midnight to sink to sleep.The next day early in the morning, the day has cleared up, Hong county magistrate saw it and got up to leave, the Qian Feng saw it to go, begged him to live in the home for a few more days, or let him win more money.Hearing this, The magistrate turned dark and said to Qian Feng seriously, “Yesterday when you were drunk and asleep, I had a stroke of fortune with my brother and predicted that you would have a disaster within three days!If you want to break this curse, you need to hide in the home for three days, after avoiding these three days, you must be lucky, food and clothing for the rest of your life.For elder brother’s words you must remember, otherwise I disown you this brother!”This Qian Fengben will flood zhixian as a nobleman listen to him so said, he certainly dare not doubt, immediately promised to flood Zhixian in the home for three days, such as three days later, and then go out!Hong magistrate left qian Feng home, and did not rush back to the county government, but rushed to the magistrate yamen, the distance from the period of January only one day, he saw the magistrate adult, said the reason of the case, begged to give him two days to re-try the case.Magistrate adults see it is not like a false, immediately agreed to the request of the flood magistrate, the flood magistrate in the approval of the magistrate, then went back to the county government without a stop.After arriving at the county government, immediately let the yamen to summon Qian Feng to the hall for questioning, and arrested Lin Xiansen’s wife Wang to confront.Say that qian Feng since hong county walk, then in the home to hide dare not go out.The first day was uneventful, but before he got up the next day, two yamen came to his house. Without hesitation, they pulled him onto his horse and took him directly to the hall of the county government.The qian Feng came to the county government hall, thought he was stealing was exposed, immediately kneel on the ground such as knocking garlic knock to steal.Hong county magistrate saw it so, let him raise his head to speak, that Qian Feng heard the county magistrate’s voice familiar, looked up to see is that day boarding in his own home righteous brother, suddenly surprised.Hong county magistrate walked from the table to the hall, then a will qian Feng pulled up, and said to it with a happy face: “Lin Xiansen is how to die, you and carefully say, I protect you safe and sound!”Qian Feng listened, immediately put the night said one said, dare not have the slightest omission.One side of the master in the Qian Feng narrative, will have qian Feng said one by one down.At this time, Wang has also been brought to the hall, Hong County and questioned Wang, the Wang although has been scared white, but still sharp words attitude shrewish, refused to admit what he made!Hong county magistrate saw its refused to admit, had to detain Wang, with the yamen coroner to go again.The second autopsy, Hong County let coroner to autopsy Lin Xiansen’s body, after a search, indeed from Lin Xiansen’s anus to find the small snake.A comparison showed that it was a poisonous young green snake. Although the young snake had decayed along with the body, its skin was not perishable and its appearance was still distinguishable.The wang shi saw the small green snake, immediately scared paralyzed on the ground.Hong county magistrate saw, and let the yariat to check Lin Xiansen’s bedroom, then dug out from the corner of the basket and dried half of the snake tail and scissors.Seeing all the evidence, Wang immediately had nothing to say and had to admit all the crimes, and then he told the story.It turned out that before he was unmarried, Wang had mixed up with his distant cousin Wu Di Cong.Later his parents see Lin Xiansen rich family, they will marry wang to him.But that Lin Xiansen although looking strong, but has been suffering from a hidden disease, unable to carry out the birth of things, see, Wang and cousin Wu Dicong hooked up, Wang often excuses to return home, in fact, and Wu Dicong meet.Although the Lin Xiansen body sick, but the mind is very careful, see Wang always run to her mother’s home, he secretly followed behind, not long then found her and Wu Dilcong between the dirty things, so often intentionally or unintentionally curse!The Wang see Lin Xiansen scold, where do not know what is meant, and Then Wu Dicong plot first, the Lin Xiansen to plot to kill.This Wu Di Cong is a snake master, usually by catching snakes for a living, well versed in the habits of poisonous snakes.Two people after consultation, decided to kill Lin Xiansen, let Wang try to conceive Wu Dicong’s child, falsely claimed that this is Lin Xiansen’s unborn child, and then to justify the occupation of Lin Xiansen property.Two people hit it off, in order to prevent others found that Lin Xiansen was murdered, Wu Dicong put forward this recruit green snake into the anal murder poison!This is really cruel, Lin Xiansen’s life was killed.Wang confessed and told the whole story, Hong county magistrate saw, immediately sent yamen arrested Wu Disong came to confront, Wu Disong see Wang has confessed, immediately also no longer sophistry, had to admit all the crimes.Case so far the truth came to light, Hong County according to “Daming law” sentenced Wang and Wu Dicong two people beheaded punishment!To be submitted to the report, the Ministry of Punishment soon made a review and approval, the queen of autumn two both cut.Because Lin Xiansen has no children, the Lin family property will be taken care of by its people, the Lin family people hongzhi County for Lin Xiansen revenge, Lin Xiansen property donated half relief victims.As for Qian Feng, Hong Zhi county also cashed in the original commitment, gave Qian Feng fifty two silver, let its rectify evil, take good care of old mother.Qian Feng, grateful for the kindness of Hong Zhixian, reformed his evil ways and often did good deeds, becoming a famous local benefactor.Hong Da gun after this, and in Fengyang county to do five years of county magistrate, during this period, solved countless cases, its merits are widely praised by the surrounding people!Also in the year of drought, he made great contributions to local disaster relief, and was eventually transferred back to Beijing and served as a servant of the Second criminal Department.As the saying goes, “What is done by day is done by night.”Whatever you do, no matter how carefully you do it, there will always be some clue, and eventually everyone will know.The article of Wang and Wu Dicong two people organs calculate, the results did not expect to be two children out of the clue, more did not expect that they are doing this, but came to steal qian Feng see crystal clear!Final case fail leak, 2 people paid painful price for this!In life, all of us will encounter more or less temptation, once attracted by it, we will be trapped in it, and finally pay a painful price for their greed!Is the so-called: green snake into the anus, the most poisonous woman heart.At this point, there is a poem praise yue: the wind from the sheep lead grievances, children wuji road clues.Green snake into the anus wounding life, the most poison is a woman’s heart.Clean official pirates knot friendship, solve the case beheaded snake tamer.Admonish the ordinary generation of the world, do not be ignorant heart.(The whole episode, thank you for reading and watching, more exciting story, continue to update…)