Primary school students’ New Year’s money management “ceiling”, list a list of goals, even want to buy “national debt”

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During the Spring Festival, it is always worth discussing whether students should spend the lucky money they receive by themselves or their parents “help” to save it.Remember when I was a child, when the New Year’s Money, were taken away by my mother, said to help me save, until now have no.However, when I was young, my family was in a difficult situation, and the students’ lucky money was a great help to their parents.Now the family conditions are good, parents will not care about the students that point of lucky money.Do not leave to students is that students are still young, do not know how to manage money.What if every child in a family could manage money like this student?Will parents give up their power?Recently, a 10-year-old primary school in Wuhan lit a fire.We are under the impression that ten-year-old pupils are in grade 3-4.Especially a naughty male student, the first thing to get lucky money, most of them went to the toy shop to spend it.Since students can attract attention, they are different from other students.When students go to school, the teacher will say that learning to do a good job planning, so as to get twice the result with half the effort, this is an obedient student, began to plan for their New Year’s money.The students took out a big piece of paper, carefully drew a grid with a ruler, and then wrote their own plans.One of them was that students would buy government bonds, which opened up the whole planning pattern.Further down, you can also see the overall planning of students, even better than adults: buy clothes, buy the usual need for learning tools, print learning materials, deposit in the bank, buy the books you want to see, subscribe to the youth report, and finally there is a love donation.This moment let countless cloud parents break defense, this is what fairy child?That’s excellent.Some parents jokingly asked if they could exchange one of their two students for another.Indeed, from the overall planning of students, we can see that usually must be a very excellent student, the pattern is very open.In the comments section of parents, there are many adults who don’t know what national debt is.A 10-year-old pupil knows how to manage money in this way.A 10-year-old pupil has made such a plan that netizens are impressed.If the students in my family can also use the New Year’s money for study and financial management, I am also willing to give the money to students to take care of themselves.So some people interview parents, want to see how to cultivate students’ financial ability at ordinary times.All the parents want to learn from the experience, the mother of the students still know all the words, this just know and the parents work related.In an interview, the mother of the student said that she is a stock investor and usually takes her students to look at the K chart at home.Under the influence of osmotic, also very interested.Parents originally do this aspect of work, students have such a concept is not uncommon.However, careful netizens should have noticed that students also have a lot of planning in their study, including buying stationery and subscribing to favorite books and newspapers.It is believed that this is also the reason why students often contact with each other. Students are not attracted by toys, snacks, going out to play and other things that most students are interested in, which shows that the learning atmosphere in their families is very good.This is the most simple sentence, the pattern of parents, determine the future of students.Students who grow up at card tables know how to play cards without being taught, students who grow up among books, reading is fun.Parents have the greatest influence on what students enjoy.Teachers can help with their academic performance, but their learning attitude and attitude towards daily life are taught by their parents’ words and deeds.So you want to have such a “ceiling” financial management ability of students, first start from their own.Slowly guide, envy is envy does not come of oh, but we can learn the way of education of this parent.Make a plan before doing things, and then ask students to prepare strictly according to the plan, and gradually they will become more and more planned.It’s also helpful in learning, especially after high school.Students who are organized and organized in their high school years will do better.This is something that parents can cultivate from an early age. Imagine students organizing their study schedule orderly, and parents coming back from work to do their own things.No chicken flying dog jumping supervision, no hysterical quarrel, more harmonious.Take action, envy will not achieve the goal.Now start to teach students to do their own planning, if you worry that students can’t, give less.Slowly cultivate, strive for a future can buy a son.If this is your student, would you like to give him the lucky money to keep?Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Cheng Cheng said education (pictures are from the network, if infringement, please contact delete)