Purple east to help the five rings, the spring breeze magnifies the new yuan.Partridge day. Welcome spring (new rhyme) Cao Jiancheng

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The ice rink rushed forward like an arrow.Five continents fly xin ice and snow, eight guests laugh at the schaofeng.Double Ao-sheng, one country glory, higher and faster colorful.Peace and friendship around the world, the spirit of the Winter Olympics win.Cao Shengjie Wang Yanke wedding on the fourth day of the first lunar month (new rhyme) Article/Cao Jiancheng Jade tiger welcome spring xi Full door, plum blossom fragrance yu Magpie landing.Wide day wide qi fan wings, waves wind urgent freemasonry.Pour wine, lane Liangqin, Guangdong dream of happiness really.Yuanyang play golden dragon dance, harp and whistling tiger ran.Partridge days. Paste couplets (new rhyme) text/Cao Jiancheng ink word red xuan Lianjiu old year, thousands of visions sent new dollars.The old are happy and the old are happy.Flow of ancient rhymes, new words, and wit overflow heart.Vestibule and backyard are posted all over, the word “fu” is posted to turn the smile.Three times the tiger roars to worship the earth, and thousands of people sing in praise of jiangshan.The Five rings usher in the New Year with snow, the old year from all sides.First hand, and then hiss cold, wish you wealth gather surplus ship.Family friends and health, the United States and Taiwan to eradicate the epidemic.The partridge day. Spring (new rhyme) article/Cao Jiancheng Purple east to help the five rings, the spring breeze majestic new Yuan.Lamei fragrance yu Piao eight wild, melodious songs spread nine days.Fu word hanging, drum gong baize, ready to see the New Year’s goods.Chant fengyuyuwen Warbler language, said to talk and draw tiger yan.The partridge day. New Year’s Eve (new rhyme) text/Cao Jiancheng wine thousands of cups of dumplings incense, thousands of families laugh Yang.Firecrackers without ring Qiankun Tai, gongs huantian auspicious world.Niu Ying far, tiger sound strong, and add a year old fu poetry chapter.Brave will be brilliant shoulder, but also the brilliant brain hidden.Lotus lotus water like early Yang, into the mud if hemp sugar lotus root.Has been the beauty of the moon arm, but also envy the amber light.Dish store snow, mouth flow incense, New Year every festival people taste.Men and women love difficult to break, often borrow silk fu beauty chapter.The partridge day. The whole people cleaning (new rhyme) Article/Cao Jiancheng Spring to ten thousand doors, Huachu sweep a total of welcome.One hundred million double pull rot rot hand, trillion track longitude and latitude to mark.Dust wipe, corruption in addition to attendance, one yuan after the net universe.People government qingming day, looking back to dry their hearts.The partridge days. Spring lyrics/Cao Jiancheng Chi County people with beautiful makeup, the spring breeze is magnificent five rings Yang.Pestilence all out strict defense, food and meat abundance promote busy purchase.The shadow of the ox is far away, the voice of the tiger is long, and the wage increases and the grain increases.The Acura welcomes the Olympic Games with joy.Bringing out the old and ushering in the newColor screen singing Spring Festival song, wechat frequently spread the sound of the New Year.Farewell, step new course, green embrace red burst mu East wind.Dragon tengteng tiger yue Beijing zhang, the plague to remove long Chi County.The partridge days. Spring/Cao Jianchui Snow pregnant jade money, yellow plum can bloom gold yuan.Tiger rushed thousands of miles to pick up the New Year, ox dance three hills to send the old year.Double tune, eight tone string, cui Lin magpie singing door.Sound tiger roar in addition to the plague, winter Olympics spring joy day.Partridge day. Third ancestor worship (new rhyme) text/Cao Jianchengwine cigarette meat full plate, the whole family moved to the grave.Can you receive three copies of paper money?A circle of dead grass to keep out the cold?Old bitter, now sweet, parents really tired early death.A few mounds thousands of traces of tears, three feet of yellow mud mountain.