The medical workers are in Fuyang and need to be on duty now. Can they go back to downtown Hangzhou?The “Hangzhou Epidemic Help Platform” accepts help and consultation online 24 hours a day

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Since its launch, has received a large number of citizens asking for help.If you have any requests or questions about travel, life and epidemic prevention, you can enter and fill in the relevant requirements, and we will immediately transfer them to the relevant departments of Hangzhou.Q: Medical staff in Hangzhou need to go back to help collect nucleic acid. They went back to their home in Fuyang, the non-controlled area, for New Year’s Eve dinner this afternoon. They were suddenly blocked from going back to Hangzhou.Answer: We have contacted the projector. At present, fuyang District is based on the principle of “only in but not out”. If it is true that medical work requires people to go out, it is suggested that the unit issue a certificate and submit it to the bayonot for release.Q: I am in Fuyang Dongzhou!Junior three to return to Hangzhou on duty!Now we’re talking about lockdown!In and out!What certificates do I need to provide to get out of town?Answer: at present, Fuyang District is the principle of “only in, not out”. It is suggested to explain to the unit leaders and change shifts with colleagues.Also, pay close attention to official information.Q: The blind people stranded in Fuyang are asking for help. I can’t deliver the food rations I bought, and now there are no vegetables or New Year’s Eve dinner.A: In addition to the possible shortage of food, she has symptoms of cold and dizziness.Jiangbin community has been contacted, and it is suggested to dispense relevant drugs after on-site inspection by community health centers, and supplement certain food supplies according to the actual situation of the reflection people.Q: Today, Fuyang District announced the closure of the whole district. I am currently living in Zhujiawu Village, Huanshan Town, Fuyang District, not in the third district management area. I hold the green code and have negative nucleic acid results in the last two days.Answer: at present fuyang district is “only in not out” principle, if it is true that the medical work must go out, it is suggested that the unit issue a certificate, submitted to the bayonot to be released.Q: May age baby in grandparents home to eat New Year’s Eve dinner was sealed village!Daily living in Hangzhou city did not bring enough milk powder and imported milk powder.You can only carry a diaper for a day!Please help.A: They said that their family members had sent milk powder and diapers to the hang-Fu-Jiang-yanjiang highway and the staff had received and sent them to their place of residence.If there is a shortage in the future, it is suggested to apply through the free delivery channel published by the wechat public number of Fuyang Daily.Q: I have an SF express, which is now stuck at THE JINyuexiang station of SF Express. Jinyuexiang station is in the prevention and control area of Xihu District. Because this express is very important, the items inside are time-sensitive.Answer: According to the feedback from Gudang Street, the staff of the SF express station has explained to the party concerned that the express point cannot be taken out temporarily because it is in the controlled area, and the party concerned expresses understanding.Q: Where can binjiang orange code and yellow code personnel test today?A: Due to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, the temporary comprehensive service point for nucleic acid testing in Binjiang District Gymnasium (No. 996 Jianghong Road, Binjiang District) has been opened immediately. The entrance is located at the south side entrance of the Gymnasium, providing 24-hour nucleic acid testing services.Citizens in need can go to nucleic acid testing, contact number: 18668128077,13605808184.Q: Hello, my parents are going to have a family reunion dinner at home on February 3. Their location is Tiandi Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou. Since I am pregnant, I am staying at my in-laws’ house, so I can’t communicate with them through phone or wechat.Answer: Gongshu community has arranged social workers to come to the door to persuade.