Very New Year’s Eve | he and she, for love retrograde, common “war epidemic”

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There is a romance called anti-epidemic couples, there is a power called fighting side by side.On New Year’s Eve, in the battle field of Wenyan street, the husband and wife team came online again. They played their light and heat for epidemic prevention and control. They gave up their family love and carried the love of the country with their mission and love to jointly build a strong defense line against the epidemic in the front line.Good coincidence, husband and wife to a line is walking into the same office on January 31, New Year’s eve, the smell of weir streets, LouJing jardine xu Bian husband and wife two people hold position, both support smell weir, LouJing diet is xiaoshan district people club bureau organization personnel section, xu Bian administrative had is xiaoshan district emergency management agency (fema), to be able to send a department to work together in a street, is so rare.On January 29, Lou Jingyi received the assignment from the Organization Department of the District Committee, and immediately rushed to Wenyan street to participate in the anti-epidemic support.On January 31, her husband, Xu Donovan, was hastily assigned to Wenyan because of personnel shortages.On the same day, the two men happened to be in the same data group dealing with health code complaints.The workload of handling health code complaints is large, and the timeliness is high, so it needs to be more careful. In many days, the number of health code complaints handled by streets is more than 1000 every day.Despite the arduous task of fighting the epidemic and the limited personnel, the streets, in order to protect the interests of the people, are still doing their best to ensure that the health code complaints are handled in a timely manner, and help eligible people who can switch codes as soon as possible, so that their work and life will not be affected.The staff often have to race against time, through a number of systems data comparison, phone contact with the people one by one, collect all the information to prove, to verify the specific situation, very hard, sometimes do not care about drinking water.Lou Jingyi and Xu Delight were born in 1989. Usually, they are busy at work. Now, due to the needs of the anti-epidemic work, they give their children full authority to their parents.It is a rare coincidence that both husband and wife go to the front line and work side by side in the same office.There are friends around them from time to time will joke on them, they are also shy smile.Wenyan street support this time, they also showed a high degree of tacit understanding.”Seeing so many workers on the front line, we will stick to the end and make our modest contribution to an early end of the epidemic.””Lou Jingyi said.It is reported that tomorrow is the first day of the Lunar New Year, the couple will go to wenyan street, the achievement of the most beautiful “couple”.”Wife, I can’t accompany you on my 10th wedding anniversary. I wanted to prepare a gift for you…Well…But the epidemic is so sudden that you have to wait until the epidemic is over to make up for it.”On the night of Jan. 30, Zhang Ting, a worker at the Party and Community service center in Wenyan Street, received the first call in days from her husband, Fu Cong. The voice on the other end was hoarse, with a slight cough.Zhang Ting, like her husband, has been fighting for five consecutive days in the “battle against the epidemic” front line, her husband is not easy, she empathized.On January 31, Zhang Ting and Fu Cong were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary. However, due to the sudden outbreak of the epidemic on January 26, Zhang Ting and Fu Cong gave up their original plan to travel for their 10th wedding anniversary. After a few simple instructions to their parents and 9-year-old daughter, they went to different battlefields respectively.At the street party service center, Zhang and her colleagues work day and night to provide support. When they are too tired at night, they find a corner and sleep on a camp bed or a bunk on the floor for three or four hours.As the deputy secretary of the community, Fu Cong returned to his wenjiayan community, where a dense population, numerous buildings, the epidemic situation is grim.He and his colleagues shuttle around the community every day to disinfect, organize nucleic acid tests, and ensure the lives of people living in isolation at home…When tired, take a nap in the office. Even if you have a high fever, take a nucleic acid test immediately and continue to stick to the front line with a negative report.Before you knew it, both husband and wife hadn’t been home for over 100 hours.The couple have known each other and loved each other since they were college classmates.This year is both the New Year’s Eve and the 10th wedding anniversary, double happiness approaching, originally thought of three generations of five people to go to qiandao Lake to play, but the epidemic changed all the New Year plans.When “love” meets “epidemic”, when “wedding anniversary” meets “COVID-19 support Day”, there is no scene of gifts and celebrations, but some of them fight side by side and stick to the front line of epidemic prevention.In addition, there is a couple in wenyan street Xianghu Nanyuan – Fu Jianping and Zhu Lihua, they carry heavy equipment every day to eliminate the killing, in the district of 32 corridors to eliminate the work, for the original decorated New Year flavor is full, but was wiped by the epidemic last year’s flavor of the street brought a ray of warm figure.They gave up the comfort of home, walking in the chilly residential corridor.