Yutai town to carry out a solid cadre style of rectification special action “four education” focus on the special topic

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Strict discipline, turn style, to promote effective, jade platform town blew signal – jade platform town solid foundation to carry out the special action cadre attitude reorganization focus of “four education” workshops – gong gong gong gong daily electricity network (correspondent KeYanPing) “is the sprint start, start is decisive battle”, in order to ensure the annual work orderly, powerful, effectively promote, on February 9, 30 points at 8 a.m.,Through active preparation, careful organization, yu Tai town held a cadre style rectification special action “four education” concentrated propaganda special meeting.The meeting aims to further change ideas, tighten rules and discipline, improve work style, and create a clean political environment, a working atmosphere and a calm society.This conference by the mayor comrade Sun Rongfang presided over, all organs cadres, the village (community) regular cadres, the town belongs to the units of the relevant personnel a total of more than 90 cadres attend the meeting, specially invited party school lecturer Comrade Yang Hongjun made a special lecture.First of all, all the participating cadres were organized to watch the warning educational film zero Tolerance.Through the negative typical characters and cases, warning education my town cadres know awe, put fear, keep the bottom line, consciously set up “high pressure line”, since build “firewall”, since wear “hoop mantra”, firmly establish “dare not corrupt, can not corrupt, do not want to corrupt” firm belief, clean life, clean work!Second, Yang Hongjun, lecturer of the Municipal Party School, preached the spirit of the sixth Plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, the sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the tenth Plenary session of the 11th Provincial Party Committee, the seventh Party Congress and the second plenary Session of the seventh Langchong City, the 14th Party Congress and the second plenary session of the 14th Langzhong City.Through The teacher Yang simple, quoting the vivid explanation of scripture, further strengthen the ideal and belief of the majority of cadres in the town, encourage everyone riveting foot “tiger strength”, together to the future determination.Then, the publicity committee comrade Ke Yanping made the advanced heroic model character story report – “life struggle more than communists – Comrade Zhang Jinming”;Dong Jiemin, deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee, organized a study of the Party Constitution and party rules and discipline.Jia Yue, the secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, organized the study of the discipline inspection and supervision policy of “leniency for self-examination, strict for investigation” and gave all cadres a lesson called “Study the Party constitution, discipline, change the style of work”.The meeting requested each village (community), the town belong to each unit to take “concentrated study and individual self-study” the form that unifies, set off the climax of the party spirit idea education, style discipline education, advanced model education, negative warning education in all party member cadre, highlight education lead, consolidate style foundation, gather strong force.The meeting called on the majority of cadres to consciously practice learning and thinking, advanced to the standard, find deficiencies, and strive to improve, jointly create a good development atmosphere for people to work hard, with a better party and government style and cadres style of service high-quality development, to strive to build “pastoral town, colorful jade Taiwan” contribution.To strive to compose a new chapter of langzhong City’s high quality construction as a tourist destination of the ancient city of the worldFinally, Comrade Gao Min, secretary of the Party Committee, carried out a concentrated heart-to-heart talk to the cadres of each village (community) and town. He asked all the cadres to do: “We must Revere the organization and obey the organization.To respect discipline, one must always follow it;To fear responsibility, you must be willing to take responsibility.”The New Year should have new atmosphere, the new group should have new action more!Gao Min, secretary of the Party Committee, pointed out: “Yutai town 19th Party Congress has put forward the overall idea of ‘rural town · Colorful Yutai’ construction, the government work report also clearly planned the ‘thirty major events'”;He required every party member and cadre in the town to be able to go all out with determination and fighting spirit, take the initiative to perform their duties and fulfill their responsibilities, wall map operation, schedule, reverse process, with real measures, real style, real results to the organization and the people to hand in a satisfactory answer.Source: Gonggong Daily – gonggong network local channel