A few signature dishes. They’re addictive

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Double pepper prawns ingredients: Shrimp Rawns, green two pieces of red pepper, red beauty pepper, onion, bean sprout Seasoning: salt, pepper and sesame oil To make: 1. Put shrimp rawns into 50% hot oil, fry until shrimp shells are crisp, pour out to drain oil.In addition, put the bean sprouts into a pan with oil, add salt and fry until done, and put the bottom in a casserole pot.2. Leave the bottom oil in the pot, add green two pieces of red pepper and red beauty pepper section, fry until the surface is like tiger skin, then fry onion slices and shrimp together, add salt, pepper and sesame oil to adjust the taste, and put the pot into a casserole with cooked bean sprouts, and decorate some coriander can be served.Raw materials: sea mushrooms, small lemon, pepper hemp, salt, MONOsodium glutamate, sugar, pepper oil, sesame oil production: 1.Wash the sea mushrooms and blanch them in a pot of boiling water. Remove and rinse.2. Put shallots and Chinese pepper together, add a little raw oil, put in blender until pepper and sesame mixture.3. When serving, take the sea mushroom in a basin, add the small lemon, pepper hemp, salt, MONOsodium glutamate, sugar, pepper oil and sesame oil, mix well, put on a plate with a little decoration.Fried Liao Shen raw materials: water hair Liao Shen 6 roots, pork plum meat grains 150 grams homemade pickled vegetables grains 150 grams green onion 10 grams garlic rice 10 grams fresh Thai pepper grains 5 grams seasoning: basic stir-fry juice 30 grams hot dry pot sauce 50 grams olive oil 40 control: 1 Liao Shen soup soaked in flavor with hot oil slightly fried;Heat up the wok, add olive oil and fry the pork plum, pickled vegetables and small ingredients, then stir fry the main ingredients and seasonings together, adjust the taste, remove the wok and serve.Basic stir-fry juice: chicken powder 40 grams of fragrant one taste soup 10 grams of Jialuo fresh dew 5 grams of zhenzhen Haizhen sauce 15 grams of salt 5 grams of sugar 5 grams of white soy sauce 15 grams of water 250 grams of thick soup sea urchin simmering tofu raw materials: tough tofu 1 box, sea urchin meat 10 grams, cordyworm flower 10 grams, dried scallion 5 grams, green garlic 2 grams, medlar 3 pieces of seasoning:Natural chicken soup powder 10g, chef’s thick soup 8g, chicken essence 5g, true sea zhen sauce 8g, sea urchin sauce 10g, salt 2g, white pepper 0.5g, second soup 400g, soy milk 50gPut tofu into a pressure cooker and add two soups for seasoning.2. Stir-fry dried scallions in oil in a stone wok, add tofu and stock to boil and reduce sauce;3. Add soy milk and sea urchin meat and garnish with chopped green garlic and wolfberry.Farm wok chicken run ingredients: chicken, green bamboo shoots, mushrooms, garlic seed money making: 1, run after the pheasant kill large oil seditious, and surface water is a bit dry, joining douban, garlic seed, dried chili, dried red pepper Fried Fried add soup cooked, add green bamboo piece, money mushroom cooked flavor dish up into the wok, placed around tortillas ignition.Features: spicy chicken with strong fragrance, crisp and delicious corn cake.Bass with green onion and pepper has few spines and tender meat, which is also good for cold dishes.Raw materials: bass net meat 250 grams of milk melon 70 grams of pepper sesame chicken juice 2 grams of chicken juice 1 grams of green onion, green pepper, salt, MONOsodium glutamate, rattan pepper oil appropriate production: 1.Put green onion and Chinese pepper into the wall breaker, add proper amount of cold water into mud, and then add rattan pepper oil, pepper chicken juice, chicken juice, salt and MONOsodium glutamate to stir evenly into green onion pepper juice for later use.2. Wash the milk melon, cut into slices, and arrange neatly on the bottom of the plate, forming a round shape with a mold.Score the bass perfectly, drop into a pot of boiling water, cook and roll into rolls. Cut into sections and arrange over the buttercups. Drizzle the dressing over the fish.