Drizzle, once again visit the Song Dynasty Mei Lang sisters tower, feel a father’s love mountain handed down a story

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Meilang Sister Tower is located in Meilang Village, Meiting County, Chengmai County, Hainan Province. It was built in the Song Dynasty and has a history of more than 800 years. It was listed as a first-class key document protection unit by the state in 1996.Unable to vote.Left for elder sister tower, right for younger sister tower according to “is de Qiongtai annals” record, “Yuan township person Chen Daoxu has two female, long ling according to suitable people, the second good long home.Tao Syria to donate money to build this tower, more than five zhang high, layer eaves seven levels, a six point, a four corner.The stonework is exquisite.”Also contained “Ji Rui nunnery in the south of the county forty miles of the king’s home, yuan built.Villagers Chen Daoxu for the second female ni good long Shi Tian in an.Pacify the name of Xie Tunan.The second pagoda of Mailang is in the deep field around jirui temple.”From which see life is rich, wealthy gentry Chen Daoxu to commemorate the eldest daughter ling according to the marriage of ordinary, good second female long monk for Ni and donate “1000 min” for the construction of two female double stone tower.At the same time, he also donated extra land to Jei-soo, whose young daughter was a nun.This trip shows the old father’s love for his daughter.Swing-a-roo is a new swing-a-roo tower built to commemorate two daughters who believe in Buddhism.Sister tower sister tower is hexagonal, sitting southeast to northwest, originally 7 layers, the existing 6 layers, 17 meters high, tower body for imitation wood hollow cylinder set corridor attic structure.The top of the tower is the jewelry top of the phase wheel. The eaves of each tower are flat and warped. There are 12 columns and brackets supporting the tiebeam from the bottom to the third floor.From the fourth floor, the wall hidden semicircle leaning column, door niche empty no Buddha statue, xumiza carved in the middle of a crown like a statue, fine, beautiful shape.Sister tower sister tower is square, sit northeast to southwest, 7 layers, 13 meters high, the structure is the same as the elder sister tower, for imitation wood single wall empty tube pavilion, the shape is more delicate than the elder sister tower.Each layer of the inner niche and the wall carved Buddha, xumitsu around exquisite relief, tiger, horse, lion, elephant, kylin and other auspicious animal patterns and Buddhist lotus petal patterns, the four corners leaning on the column with vivid image of the head of the hands.The ventricle of the tower is for sakyamuni and Maitabha, and it is also decorated with numerous Buddhist statues and decorative patterns. The left and right niches of the tower are set with six dharma protectors, four panlong stone columns divided into four corners, and corridors are set on the first and second floors.Pagoda for the rosette, bearing seven layers of phase wheel and the top of the temple beads.Sisters deep feeling looking at the twin towers 20 meters apart, respectively located in the pool of water with stone column fence on the base, each base is provided with a platform, there are arc bridge type stone ladder connection pool.Surrounded by clusters of green bamboo, stream spring water retention, yi Jing secluded garden, still into a pure land.It is said that the elder sister later married, so the pagoda body is the statue of civil and military officials;Her sister lived with Buddha all her life, so her tower statues are all Buddhist figures.The overall shape of meilang twin towers is beautiful and changeable, and its carving is exquisite and meticulous, which is the art treasure of Qiongzhou Stone towers.The twin towers are surrounded by forests and bamboos and streams. The environment is quiet and tranquil. Visitors are immersed in the scene, just like stepping into a pure land, with a feeling of returning to nature.Meilang Twin Pagoda is one of the few ancient pagods in Hainan. It not only provides a direct basis for the study of the development history of ancient civilization and architectural art in Hainan, but also has great tourist value.It’s been weathered for hundreds of years and it’s still intact.The building materials of the twin towers are basalt from qiongbei Volcanic area, and the building technology is a unique way of mortise and concave joint, and the dry stone is not bonded.Sister twin towers towering, simple modeling, imitation wood structure, strong sense of art, showing the superb level of architecture.The exquisite structure of the tower has a feeling of traveling through time and space