Hebei Xingtai city recovered 47.5848 million yuan of illegal medical insurance funds

2022-04-26 0 By

Hebei News (Hebei Daily reporter Xing Yun correspondent Li Zhensheng) recently, the author from Hebei Xingtai City Medical security Bureau learned that in 2021, the bureau checked a total of 1481 designated medical institutions, recovered illegal funds 475848 million yuan, dealing with 627 designated medical institutions;148,200 patients with chronic (special) diseases were screened out and 5,035 patients had their benefits cancelled, effectively safeguarding the security of medical insurance funds.In the work, The Medical Security Bureau of Xingtai city focused on the “three false” problems of fake patients, fake conditions and fake bills.Concentrated efforts were made to carry out the “Look back” special rectification of designated medical institutions, comprehensive investigation and rectification of fraud and insurance fraud, joint inspection and mutual examination of the fight against fraud and insurance fraud, joint efforts by departments to carry out special rectification of fraud and insurance fraud, internal control and audit inspection of the institutions in charge, and “six special actions” of “two random inspections and one open inspection”.Health care at the same time, established the xingtai area illegal problem screening treatment plan, the key to the existence of suspects in towns and townships, private hospital for joint law enforcement level, to found in the inspection of “SanJia” diddle medical insurance fund shall be treated thus behavior, to verify the illegal transfer of fixed-point medical institutions and medical personnel WeiJian department seriously,If a criminal offence is involved, the public security department shall collect evidence on the spot and file a case for investigation.