NPC Deputy Shen Changjian: Tax authorities have made outstanding contributions to rural revitalization

2022-04-26 0 By

NPC deputy Shen Changjian (right) is communicating with door-to-door tax staff.Rednet moment Changde February 12 news (correspondent Xiao Hongyuan) “tax authorities to help enterprises benefit the people, vigorously implement tax cuts and fees, often go to the countryside into the village to carry out tax policies and social insurance premiums publicity counseling, for enterprise development and rural revitalization made outstanding contributions!”In the morning of February 10th, Shen Changjian, NPC deputy and “rape King”, had a lively conversation with the visiting tax officials, expressing his deep recognition of the tax department and tax work.Shen Changjian is a farmer in Yangqiao Village, Baizhi Township, Linli County. He has been pursuing the dream of high-yield hybrid rape for many years and has cultivated super hybrid rape with painstaking efforts. He is known as the “farmer scientist”.In order to create a good atmosphere for tax reform and development, he Dongbiao, member of the Party Committee and deputy director of the Changde Tax Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation, visited Representative Shen on the same day, listening to the representative’s voice carefully, and discussing the effect of tax reform and development.It is chilly outside and warm inside.In the office of Shen Changjian’s rape research base, He Dongbiao introduced in detail the development situation and achievements of tax work in terms of organizing tax revenue, implementing tax reduction and fee reduction policies, optimizing tax business environment and serving economic development.As well as the practical difficulties faced by tax authorities in organizing revenue, implementing tax reduction and fee reduction, strengthening tax supervision, social insurance premiums and collection of non-tax income.Shen Changjian, the representative, listened and remembered, and communicated with He Dongbiao in depth on the tax department’s support for the development of private enterprises, preferential policies and service measures for agricultural enterprises, deepening the reform of tax collection and management, and helping economic development.Talking about the tax department to support the actual feeling of local economic development, Shen representative praised again and again.He expressed the hope that tax authorities will continue to increase support for agriculture-related enterprises and formulate more precise assistance measures to contribute to the revitalization of rural areas.Representative Shen Changjian is also a tax service experiencer hired by the tax department. His valuable suggestions have played an important role in improving tax payment service and tax service experience.Talking about this point, Shen happily said that he is very willing to be a good tax service experience division, will continue to support the work of the tax department, actively make suggestions for the development of tax, tax department image “propagandist” and tax cadres style and discipline “supervisor”.He Dongbiao said, will not fall word on behalf of the proposal to take back, serious research, active management, in the follow-up work to do good practical benefit of the people, let the tax reform spring breeze blowing to the hearts of every taxpayer pay.