Whether a woman loves you or not, these “physical reactions” can’t fool you

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Hello friend!We met, is the reunion after a long separation.Click on the top of the “attention”, we do friends for life!”I don’t trust women anymore because there are no good girls.”A few days ago, a reader friend sent such a private letter.When seeing this private letter, the author has mixed feelings.Ask just know, originally this friend was cheated by the woman again, not only be cheated of feeling, still be cheated of money, real people and wealth are empty, this has been his third time cheated, so he just said the beginning of that sentence.So are there really no good girls?The answer must be no, in this world, most of the girls must be good girls, just happened to not meet him.The girls he met, they didn’t love him, so they lied to him again and again.Seeing this, some people may ask: “How can you tell whether a woman loves herself or not?”In fact, the best way to judge whether a woman really loves herself is to look at some of her physical reactions.A person’s mouth can be deceiving, but his body’s reactions can’t, because most of his reactions are physical and hard to hide.Especially in these places, you can’t fool anyone.The woman who loves you is you as far as the eye can see.Yu Guangzhong once said to his wife, “Don’t ask me if I have you in my heart, you are all in my spare time.”I think so.A person in the heart without you, in fact, see the eye is you.As the song sang: “in the rest of my life, snow is you, flat is you;Poor is you, glory is you;The person who loves you, even if only sees you, can never forget.As Ma sings in “South of Nanshan” : “He said that any beauty that people call beautiful is never the first time I met you.”The one who loves you hides love in his eyes. There is love in his heart and light in his eyes.Just like Chen Xiao, who played The role of Yang Guo that year, he could not hide the light in his eyes when he looked at Chen Michelle, who played the role of Xiao Long Nu.When you look at him, you can see your reflection in his eyes.Even in the middle of a crowd, he knew you right away.People who love you, eyes are you, will move with you, no matter when you turn back, the other side is looking at you.Like Wu Jing to see his wife Xie Nan one eye, no matter what program to participate in, as long as his wife is present, Wu Jing’s line of sight will always stay on his wife Xie Nan.Love a person, is not hidden, she loves you, see her eyes.Eyes are the window of the soul, love you or not, eyes can tell everything.Love your woman, mouth wants to kiss you.As the saying goes, “A first kiss is a kiss for life.”For the first kiss, it must be unforgettable, because it represents not only one’s first love, but also that first love.Su Qin once said, “A man and a woman who are madly in love cannot stop talking.It’s either a kiss or a talk.A kiss is another kind of deep telling.””Ninety-three percent of women want their partner to kiss them, while more than 90 percent of men want their partner to kiss them,” the study said.Love your woman, even if again reserved, they also want to be close to you, will take the initiative to kiss you with the mouth.Adrenaline and dopamine trigger women to kiss the man they love.A woman who likes to kiss you must be a woman who loves you, because their physical reactions are not deceiving.In reality, if a woman is always avoiding your kisses, there is a good chance that she is not in love with you and is avoiding it all.Kissing may not be the best test of true love.But it must be the most visceral response to love.Only a woman who truly loves you will want to kiss you.Seeing this, perhaps some people will say that kissing this thing, simply can not stand the test of time, when old husband and wife, this thing will disappear completely.But the truth is, if a couple really love each other, time doesn’t change that at all. Kissing is just an instinctive way of expressing love, regardless of age.A woman who loves you wants to be close to you.They say a day’s absence is like three years. You can tell if a woman loves you or not by her body reaction.If a woman love you, so she must want to stay with you all the time, the body will take the initiative to close to you, and then you have two people world.As soon as you can’t get enough of each other, their mind will be on you all the time, and they will send you unsolicited messages, wanting to know everything about you and be involved in your life.A woman who loves you instinctively wants to get close to you and fall into your arms.Because for them, being close to them can not only bring happiness, but also the greatest sense of security, so they will keep approaching.In reality, if a woman is constantly getting close to you, there is no doubt that she loves you and wants to get close to you to get to know you and touch you.As the saying goes, “Sometimes a hug feels warmer than a kiss.”There’s no better feeling in the world than “hugging the person you love, and they hug you back even tighter.”Two people who love each other deeply will only get closer and closer, not farther and farther away.Those who reject and you close contact with the woman, nine times out of ten do not love you, they reject you, the heart can not accept you, will instinctively away from you.Poet Xu Zhimo once said, “The starting point of love is not necessarily the body.But love reaches its climax when it reaches the body.”When a woman loves you, her body will react to you, because it’s instinctual. It’s impossible to fake it.In real life, if a woman has these physical reactions to you, go to her immediately before the breeze is dry and you are not old, and say to her: “I like you, shall we be together?”Do you think it is right?