Ah, see through the incomprehensible football

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Sometimes, just think, football this hobby is very wrong?For so many years, football brings more pain than happiness, it is better to concentrate on playing a game, not only happy, but also the same to kill time, more will not be a team dominated mood, when there is no game, fidgeting, fantasy.At the time of the match, both legs shivered and were on tenterfeet.After the game, still like a lump in my throat, resentful.This time, I seriously took the time to think about it. The reason WHY I liked football at the beginning was to highlight myself, show my skills and enjoy the victory of the team on campus.From a soccer player to a jersey fan to a soccer watcher.Then, out of the public thinking of worrying about the country and the people, he became a football fanatic.Sometimes when you see someone mount a horse, you think it’s for the cannon, but it’s for the cart.Sometimes, you see someone who is very good at club and stops the ball when he plays for the national team. It’s not because he is nervous, it’s probably because he is afraid of injury, but because he has too many side jobs and his main job is affected.Think about it, if your side business is earning so much more than your main business, how can you put all your energy into your main business?The main business of course will be downshifted, become chicken ribs.How can there be so many side jobs?Are you kidding?It is not true. Player training and selection, signing fee and high income of the club are all confirmed sideline businesses, and I don’t blame them. After all, people have established circles and raised the threshold, leading to personnel scarcity.So can be rare goods can live, the wind and rain, this is probably the hospital parking lot rent rises year after year, you may not be able to contract for the reason.Wherever the location is remote and the flow of people is not high, there is no need to build a parking lot, just park.That’s what happens in women’s football. Live and die.But don’t forget, the wild flowers in the valley also have spring. As soon as the Asian Cup was won, the money poured in, not against the girls, but to ask: what have you been doing?You were paid to herd sheep, and you bought a sheepdog first.No sheep. Why a dog?Nothing but to look good on the face, save physical strength.But that’s not how it works!Everyone who saw it thought it was an act, but didn’t think about why you came?Are you playing with the dog or herding the sheep?Football environment is not good, but single-mindedly do the national team, do not know people have sideline ah?I don’t want to think, are you here for football, or for your career?The funniest thing is, a lot of people think they have it, but they don’t know that the clown is them.Many people shout dissolution, but do not know the root of the disease is not here.There is nothing to continue to analyze, the vested interests, like dust, broom will not run away until the usual.This is your favorite football, just like crosstalk, you love this industry too much, but also hate the people in this industry too much.Lu Xun said to mourn its misfortune, anger of its indisputable things are still staged today.Evil is as free as the wind, as gentle as li Drop, wuphar holding cattle!