Cge has launched artificial intelligence salary selection to train highly skilled personnel

2022-04-27 0 By

With the rapid development of society, artificial intelligence is not strange to us, even can be said to be very common.The development of science and technology needs the support and promotion of talent reserve. Compared with the level of artificial intelligence in China, China is relatively short of high-skilled talents.To solve this problem, the state has issued the Policy of “Opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development of Modern Vocational Education” to cultivate diverse talents, pass on technical skills, and promote employment and entrepreneurship.Cgce has been developing in the education industry for more than 20 years, actively implementing national policies and helping the development of vocational education.As a result of the repeated epidemic, many education enterprises have been hit, have declined.Following The Times, CGE actively seeks breakthroughs and has become an integrated and high-quality service platform integrating vocational education, high-quality employment and career development.In terms of high and new technology, CIGE actively adopts artificial intelligence, big data, block chain, cloud computing, network security, virtual reality and other technologies to continuously improve its own strength and capability.In addition, to respond to relevant calls and promote the cultivation of ARTIFICIAL intelligence talents, CGE officially launched the artificial intelligence salary selection course, and aims to accelerate talent cultivation and focus on high-end artificial intelligence talents as the development goal.It is reported that the course is jointly developed by Tencent technical experts and the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Zhonggong Education, focusing on cultivating talents from four directions: reptile engineer, data analyst, machine learning engineer and deep learning engineer.As a leading enterprise in the education industry, CCED has always kept its mission firmly in mind.With “students first” as the first principle, we continue to develop new classes, innovate courses to attract students’ interest, strengthen teachers, and consolidate our soft power.Cge has always been committed to providing the public with a better test preparation experience, and has always been striving to improve its educational achievements, so that more Chinese students can enjoy high-quality education.