Spring Walking grass-roots | Shandong Zhoucun: “steaming hot” huamo “thriving” day

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Open the door of the steamed bun, we have a clear division of labor, boiling water, dough, shaping, steaming……Days just mengmengliang, Shandong Zibo Zhoucun district north town of small Yang village villagers Li Haiyan and several women in the same village came to the village of huamo room, methodically busy.In a short time, the room filled with steam.And outside the huamo room, trucks have lined up to purchase huamo.”Xiaoyang Village’s huamo, mushy and easy to digest, and good-looking shape, meaning auspicious, whether you buy yourself to eat or New Year’s visit friends and relatives are good.”Liu Guifang, a customer from Jinan, said the steamed bun is very popular around the Spring Festival, and she is afraid of arriving late and not getting the goods.At this time of year, the women in Xiaoyang Village, who used to sit on street corners chatting without farm work, now have a new livelihood.Popular in coastal shandong province, the steamed bun is so popular in an obscure inland village that it is selling like hot cakes.Xiaoyang Village is a small village with only 63 households and more than 200 people. Most of the young people have moved into the city, and most of the women left behind in the village are old, which makes it inconvenient to work outside and lacks the way to increase their income.How to give full play to the role of women so that they can become rich without leaving the village and increase the collective income of the village?Xiao Yang Village party branch secretary Xu Shiyan moved a lot of brains for this.In 2020, by chance, Xu Shiyan came into contact with Jiaodong Flower Bobo, an intangible cultural heritage in Shandong Province, and had an “inspiration”.In the village and the “two committees” group consultation and extensive consultation of villagers, Xu Shiyan promoted the party branch led zibo Nongduo agricultural products professional cooperatives, and with a clever woman in the village, to jiaodong and other places to learn the production process of flower bobo.Xiaoyang village villagers make steamed bread (for the interviewin picture) “after” return, Xu Shiyan will be idle office in the village transformed into a production workshop, the purchase of steamed bread production equipment, hire 7 women love pasta production village, study together for surrounding people’s consumption habits of steamed bread production method.In this way, a group of rural women, with an average age of over 60, started the road to re-employment.After repeated practice, their skills are more and more mature, kneading, rubbing, pulling and cutting, a fish, peach, apple, fu bag and other different styles of steamed flowers leap on the cutting board.With the help of short videos and other promotion methods, Xiaoyang Village Huamo gradually opened the market, less than a month to recover the cost, the village collective and villagers can share out dividends every year.The Spring Festival is approaching, the cooperative to seize the sales season, specially launched the “Nong Duo duo” brand hua mo gift box, appointment orders are coming, production plans have been arranged to the root of the year.The cooperative had to suspend orders because demand exceeded supply.Villagers in Xiaoyang Village show off the steamed bread they make.”In addition to the huamo gift box, we also introduce the birthday bun and wedding bun to meet people’s needs on wedding and birthday occasions.In addition, we also opened up shopping malls and supermarkets, customers are relatively stable, there will be no shortage of orders in the future.”See huamo room development momentum so good, Xu Shiyan plans the next step of development.”We plan to find a bigger production site, expand the scale of production and provide more jobs for our village and the people around us.””Think of this age still can obtain employment again, and be to go to work at the doorstep, now the ans these old guard type is not earned less than young people, this day really cross more take strength!”Looking at the steaming steamed buns, Li Haiyan said that it indicates a “thriving” better life.Source Xinhua News Agency editor Lu Yuan editor Tian Minjia Yang Tao