Winter Olympics flag bearer Gao Tingyu gold, to “let the medal change color” he, finally round the champion dream

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China won its first men’s speed skating gold medal at the Winter Olympics after gao Tingyu, the Olympic flag bearer, won China’s fourth gold medal at the Winter Olympics on Tuesday.This young man from Heilongjiang, also once again with excellent results, into the horizons of everyone, the “small target” set for themselves before the competition also finally lived up to the expectations of the public, live up to their own, successfully achieved.Gao Tingyu was born in Yichun city, Heilongjiang Province in 1997. According to his father, a mountain is only a few hundred meters away from his home.After primary school, a school skating rink made him find himself on his own stage when he was still a primary school student and fell in love with the sport. After graduation from primary school, his father took him to the provincial team for training in order to let him continue this sport.However, because he was too young at that time, the coach of the provincial team suggested that he go back to study for two years. However, if he did not practice for two years, his efforts might fall short, but opportunities always favor those who work hard.Although he could not stay in the provincial team because of his young age, he was required by the Mudanjiang team and did not waste two years. Finally, he was selected from the local team to study in the provincial team smoothly.In fact, in the process of learning, he had been confused because his grades were not ideal, but also through their own efforts, successfully let themselves out of the dilemma, in 2018, he also ushered in his own winter Olympics debut.Although he was not in a good condition because of nervousness at that time, he still won a bronze medal for China after hard adjustment, which was also the first winter Olympics medal in the history of Men’s speed skating in China. However, from the moment he won the medal, he set a goal for himself that he would make “the medal change color”.After four years of efforts, he once again stood on the ice in 2022 as the flag bearer, the original goal set for himself, but also under their own efforts, with almost perfect performance smoothly achieved.The Alma mater Harbin Institute of Physical Education praised it. After the school had won the gold medal, the Alma mater Harbin Institute of Physical Education also stood up to praise this outstanding graduate. Although Harbin Institute of Physical Education is a school with two major schools, it has also cultivated many excellent graduates for the country.For example, Wang Meng, who is famous for her “backhand skating” and “feature commentary”, graduated from this school.Founded in 1958, Harbin Institute of Physical Education (Harbin Institute of Physical Education) was a secondary professional physical education school with a three-year schooling period. It has developed so far. Although its overall ranking is not high among China’s physical education colleges, Harbin Institute of Physical Education has built itself into a very distinctive physical education college in combination with the local climate conditions.Whole, will deliver, the hope is to prepare for the high three students can thus encouraged Gao Ting yu, vividly deduce what was called from zero to one, from one to one hundred again, no matter what you are in the stage of learning, is to understand the whole up to expectations, hope the students can therefore be aware.First of all, adjusting a good attitude is the key to achieve excellent results.With less than four months to go before the 100-day countdown to the national college Entrance examination, students’ attitudes are easily affected.On the one hand, if students have negative emotions, they must deal with them in time. They can choose to communicate with their parents, teachers or friends, or choose other methods suitable for them. When I was under great pressure to prepare for exams in senior three, I often ran on the playground during the evening self-study break, which can also be promoted to everyone.Second, never give up until the last step.Perhaps some students now is not ideal, distance from their favorite school there is a certain distance, but until the last moment, who also do not know the result, do not give up the success of the possibility of half and half, give up is zero.Finally, don’t lose sight of the power of goals.Only with goals can we have the motivation to learn. In the process of learning, senior three students can set a general goal and multiple phased goals for themselves. When the phased goals are gradually completed with their own efforts in learning, the big goal is also close at hand.The author’s message:Hope is hard to prepare for the high three students, can therefore encouraged by any honors all need to constantly strive to achieve on their own, until the last moment, who also don’t know how to solve, no matter how you score, now don’t give up yourself, adjust good oneself state of mind, firmly toward their goals forward, will have to realize the dream that one day.What do you think you can gain from this as a high school student?Feel free to leave a comment.(Pictures from the network, if any infringement, please contact to delete)