What does “eat noodles in the fifth day, hit a stone one mu” mean?Welcome the god of wealth, you know why

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In many online jokes, the month has already retired, the god of wealth took over the position of the month, people will be so love money?The sentence “all inferior, only reading high” still in the ear, but the side of the treasure sold meng already wealth freedom, who can resist the heart to concentrate on reading, when people said “five eat meal noodles, a mu dozen a stone” yearning for a better life, the god of wealth can not come as expected?On the fifth day of the first lunar month, also known as the day of the fifth lunar month, Jiang Ziya sealed his wife as the “god of poverty” and ordered her to “return to the poor”. To tell the truth, who likes poverty?So on the fifth day to send the poor god to his throne, people called “Po Wu”.Many places have send five poor customs, han yu’s “send poor,” said the “wisdom of poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, all this five ghosts, for my five of”, take these off, people’s hearts can calm down, and in many parts of the common people, on the day set off firecrackers, sweep the house, off five poor, hope life can be better in the coming year.Fifth day this day is also called “circle”, the Chinese New Year to the day even officially ended, everybody on this day, by the end of the celebrations of the Spring Festival in preparation for a new challenge and life, so must eat dumplings on this day, dumplings that can represent the common people aspire to live successfully and lucky as food, dumpling stuffing can be comprehensive,Wrapped all moral good food, happy bean curd, year after year have fish fish, eat the food of this symbol of reunion, this is a Spring Festival and New Year’s expectations, are in the dumplings, people about the goodness of life, from the heart of hope, “fifth eat noodles, a mu a stone” is the largest for a good looking forward to, after all.To meet the god of wealth Chinese belief in the god of wealth and disgust is poor day, the depth of bone marrow, after all, after thousands of years of social development, there is a hard truth, is that money is not everything, no money is painful and humble, but the ancients “faith” and “gentleman’s love of money, take youdao,” a man to make money, if you don’t even fear of heaven and earth, although money is very much,The ancestors and the belief of heaven and earth is the most basic moral bottom line of people. When the ancients were doing business, a catty was 16 to 20, because they believed in heaven and earth, the sun, the moon and the stars. Sixteen points on the scale were equivalent to the Big Dipper and the Six stars of the South, plus the three stars of fortune, wealth and life.You dare to deceive yourself, you dare to deceive others, but will eventually let yourself doomed, life is such, how many big brands fall overnight, is because of false words wrong to let yourself think that they are right, therefore, when the god of wealth, is you do business in the world to say their determination and expectations.Who are the gods of wealth since ancient times?Have 7 exquisite heart than dry, have faith foundation of guan gong, fan li, by the people, to charge fair Zhao Gongming, has a thriving business wealth star, and the working five show god of wealth, so much the god of wealth, everyone is fair competition, for a fortune, who grew rich from intrigue, is will be cleared of cancer after all, after all, the society,Fairness is the sword of wealth.”Qing Jialu” said, “five days of money five days, a year of temporary reward wish;Beware of mammon early elsewhere, overnight in a hurry way head “, Chinese people often say spring, an hour in the morning is worth two in the evening, people no matter what to do, to the early planning, according to the desire of the heart to strive, midway through the shrinking the consequences are often regret, everyone only struggle, in order to create beautiful tomorrow.Conclusion Everyone wants to make their own life is beautiful, who does not want to brilliant future?Although the great wealth is not everyone can reach the height of the great harmony society, we should always pursue life!May your struggle bring you worthwhile wealth and may your tomorrow be as brilliant as flowers.