Do you know the original story: Ming LAN grandmother almost married Song Renzong?She was supposed to be queen

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Know whether in the original work, sheng old lady is yong Yi hou only daughter, for love to marry Tang Hua Lang, not hesitate to break the relationship with her family.Even if sheng old lady and her father no longer contact, the capital dignitaries still want to give her a bit of thin surface, even eyes higher than the top of the Pingning county also dare not wanton, Liang House of the count lady is for her, an exception to marry Ink Orchid do big lady, can be seen sheng old lady herself is also very strong, not all by yong Yi wait only female name……Although the old lady has not gao Life, but even the palace into, is a child in the palace for a period of time.She is Liu E personally come in the palace to bring up, in the palace to know the hole little maid, two people became boudoir, namely later hole Mammy.Sheng old lady and big lady is a generation, if she had not for love married Tanhualang, may be the queen, the queen mother!After all, with her family background, knowledge and behavior, she is also more than enough to be the mother of a country!And deeply liked by Liu e!If she had known that the venerable Master was a traitor, would she have married Him?Maybe history will be changed and she will be queen!