Harden rest assured!The new backcourt partner has an attendance rate of 87%!You don’t have to be a horse anymore

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The 2021-22 trade deadline ended with a superstar trade for Harden and Simmons, and while it’s unclear what the future holds, both seem to be getting their futures.Simmons’ mental health improved immediately, Harden’s hamstring injury has eased, and he plans to play for the Sixers after the All-Star break. This time, His teammates are on the next level, not as big as the Nets, but better in terms of attendance and lineup matchups.First is harden don’t have to “do cattle and horses”, he’s starting his team-mates over 40 appearances this season, especially in the backcourt mate maxi, combined with today’s game attendance rate is as high as 87%, and the maxi marketer defensive, and ability of organization, more than his ball end is also very good, is 39.8% from three, the elder brother can let go of the hand to attack.What’s more, Rivers is not a coach like Nash, and Lee’s protection of his players has never been better. He didn’t play more than 33 minutes in game 7 of the 2008 Finals, and he protected Embiid with the 76ers.In the Nets, Harden needs to be offensive and playmaking, but here, the team will protect him as much as possible, and there is less pressure on harden, which is what he wants to do when he leaves the Rockets.He averaged 38 minutes per game in three seasons and 36 minutes per game in eight seasons. He was one of the best players in the NBA, but he couldn’t win a championship in Houston, so Harden came to the Nets to form a big three.But the Big three are destined to become the laughingstock of the NBA, appearing in just 16 games together, during which the Nets won just one playoff series.Harden averaged 36.6 minutes per game for the Nets last season, when a healthy Irving played 54 games, but this season, because of a vaccine struggle, he played only 13 games and durant was sidelined for nearly two months.So harden, 32, took two or three starters and a bunch of reserves and played 37 minutes per game in 44 games, with the team on a losing streak and no championship prospects.But harden’s journey to the 76ers hasn’t been smooth, and he’s had to make a lot of sacrifices. Both Dengo and Embiid are ball-handling players, and both need the ball, but Embiid is clearly the better player and boss at this point in his career.But Harden has made sacrifices in the Nets, and he’s proven that his playmaking talents don’t fall apart. He’s averaging 10.2 assists per game, just 0.4 fewer than Chris Paul, who leads the NBA in assists. Harden has played with many superstars and never had a problem with the ball.The split between the Nets and Harden is bound to be a laughing stock because they are both in the Eastern Conference and have a very good chance of going head-to-head in the playoffs.That’s why Philadelphia is confident harden, who once again has a window to win a title: a healthy structure, a solid rotation, and an MVP-caliber interior presence.