How to treat the disease of big cities?Community governance in Beijing to improve urban fine management

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The 2022 Beijing Press Center “Double Olympic City · Watch Code” interactive exhibition invited guests to chat about community governance under the theme of “My site is my Master”.Beijing, February 17 (Reporter Du Yan) On February 17, the 2022 Beijing Press Center “Double Olympic City, Watch dian” interactive exhibition activity with the theme of “my site, I decide”,Guests participating in urban fine management and community co-governance were invited to talk about the stories behind the improvement of street environment, community governance brand building and community self-governance, and how to aim at the root of urban diseases to bring more happiness and sense of gain to people’s lives.The nine-kilometer-long century-old Beijing-Zhangjiakou Ruins Park is full of vitality, the 10-kilometer-long Qinghe “Seven Dragon Balls” promotion plan is helping the city’s development, and the number of “micro-spaces” with excellent environment and strong functions around citizens is increasing.With the help of many “responsible planners of streets and towns”, Beijing is steadily promoting orderly urban renewal.Based on the geographical location and regional characteristics of streets and lanes, these responsible planners dig into the historical deposits of streets and lanes, comb out the historical and cultural connotation and site remains of streets, and form a high-level professional technical team. On the basis of giving full consideration to the opinions of citizens,It provides professional advice and planning and design services in many fields, such as green streetscape design, building facade transformation, block style, nightview lighting, etc., constantly improving the appearance level of the city, but also providing more convenience for citizens’ life.In the broadcast room, Fusman, responsible planner of Haidian District, Haidian District, Beijing, introduced in detail the working mechanism of responsible planner of streets and towns, as well as the excellent planning and design cases implemented after fully listening to the opinions of citizens.Fussman said, as an urban planner, I like cities instinctively, and hope to understand cities from another Angle, so as to contribute to the construction of implementing the four positioning of the new general regulations of Beijing.Responsible planners are to discover with eyes, feel with body and mind, support with profession, protect with responsibility and love with passion. We will continue to stay true to our original aspiration, forge ahead and live up to our youth.Community is the “last kilometer” of urban governance. Community security, community environment and community services are closely related to every urban resident.Studio, social governance from the xicheng district brand “good consult councils” representative, Beijing xicheng district within the gate street party secretary, walnut orchard community residents’ committees director Pan Ruifeng and social governance from the lower brand of “old neighborhood” on behalf of the jinding, Beijing city street, the street pattern vice secretary of the village OuDangWei old snow,Together with the audience to talk about the residents in the living room, unlock the small happiness of the community.Chen Xue said, “old neighborhood” is full of positive energy.Big and small matters in the world, we discuss.Urgent things are difficult to worry about, the streets help each other.The “old neighborhood” of Shijingshan comes from the grassroots and the masses. It is a new carrier of community construction of social governance, which is built on the basis of mutual help of neighbors, and in which everyone is responsible, responsible and entitled to share the responsibilities and responsibilities of the whole district.From the origin of the old neighborhood to the new mission given to the old neighborhood in the new era, it can be said that the community is small to resolve the neighborhood conflict, to the safety and control of the community, down to the cigarette scraps at the door, to the protection of the ecological environment, the old neighborhood is able to walk on the catwalk can sing opera, street chess can also pretend to be a security.The old neighborhood is the main force at the grass-roots level of the community.They have party members also have the masses, the common ground is a strong sense of community ownership, willing to sacrifice regardless of fame and reward.According to Pan ruifeng, “Good Consultation” is a mass self-governing organization formed spontaneously by residents. It aims to “unblock channels, gather public opinion and promote participation”, and achieves peaceful consultation of small matters and harmonious settlement of major matters.Small things are reflected in the neighborhood, building courtyard, such as building door lighting charges, neighborhood leakage coordination problem, family conflict to solve the problem.Major events reflect the common problems existing in the community, such as property service problems, environmental governance problems;New problems in development, such as rational use of idle underground space, parking management, etc.;Difficult issues left over from history, the comprehensive renovation of old buildings and the installation of elevators, etc., should be addressed through consultation and joint construction.Pan Ruifeng said that in the process of participating in the “good consultation” community co-governance, through common discussion with residents, common participation, strengthening the community Party committee, community neighborhood committee, property management committee, units in the district, property companies and community residents of the multi-linkage.The long-term maintenance of the urban environment after renovation not only depends on the top-down command and management of the government, but also needs the active participation of the people in the whole thing from “before, during and after”. Therefore, “alley steward” came into being, and the alley steward is assumed by the people themselves.In April 2017, Dongcheng district set up “alley keepers” for the first time in the city, strengthening residents’ autonomy and making use of retirees.Lane housekeeper, Longbei community Love Chunhui volunteer service team captain Chen Lianying play yu Heat, truly the streets as their own “home”.Chen Lianying, five years committed to the alley housekeeper post, heart with love to do work.These “40, 50, 60” after the “old” residents composed of the butler team, is in the exercise, learning, patrol on the basis of tempered a promotion of dedication, mutual assistance, progressive spirit, full of positive energy volunteer team, now dongcheng alley butler participation has reached more than 4600 people, a total of 351,700 hours of patrol.Chen lianying also said the alley housekeeper “helps others and makes me happy”, and in the process of giving full play to the waste heat, it not only improves the quality of life in old age, but also realizes the important goal of the elderly to have a sense of fulfillment and happiness.Today, the alleys are quieter, the environment is better and residents are more involved.The interactive exhibition of “City of Double Olympics · Watch The Classic” is an important part of the 9 exhibitions of Beijing Press Center in 2022.The activity since February 1, until February 20, organization to carry out the interview live events, every day to day “theme, a figure a story” images and interview form, with a small incision reflect big theme, borrow small story refraction era, each interview broadcast activities masterminded the theme of the media and social care concerns, and thematic setting hot hot topics,Guests and employees will be invited to tell vivid stories about cultural Beijing, high-tech Beijing and green Beijing from the perspective of the people, and show the latest, most beautiful and best image of Beijing.(after)