Liu grandma two into the Rongguo Mansion: Mrs. Wang power, Jia mother enthusiasm;These two are the warmest!

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Grandma Liu’s second visit to the Rong Guo Mansion is one of the most important scenes in a Dream of Red Mansions.She was accompanied by Jia Mother, play grand view garden, to bring countless laughter, parting, is also full of.However, when we look back on liu’s two into the Rongguo Mansion, we will find that, in this rich family, the attitude of everyone to her grandparents and grandchildren, but not the same.And among them, these four people are the most obvious.1. Mrs. Wang of Grandma Liu’s power.As soon as Granny Liu entered the Rong Guo Fu, she ran to Mrs. Wang.Because she had nothing to do with jia.However, when her son-in-law Gou er’s family was an official in the capital, they happened to be connected with one of the four major families, the Wang family.Had granny liu and his daughter, had the opportunity to lead the wangs, but at that time the king of the lady, or the wangs two young lady, not Canadian, personhood, treats people the enthusiasm, perhaps, because in the heart of granny liu, with Mrs King with such deep and good emotions, will only let her, summon up courage in a son-in-law to the economic crisis, to Gu Fu look for her help.It’s just something that Grandma Liu didn’t think of.Time is a strange thing.More than 20 years passed, once that enthusiastic and generous Miss Wang also changed, become power, become hypocritical.Therefore, we will find that when Grandma Liu entered the Rong Guo Fu, she did not see Mrs. Wang herself, but after she left, when Zhou Rui’s family immediately reported to him, Mrs. Wang was in pear Xiang Yuan, chatting with Aunt Xue’s parents. What does this show?Naturally, she was reluctant to meet poor relatives like Grandma Liu.If we understand the attitude of Mrs. Wang when Granny Liu entered the Rong Guo Fu, we can understand.Liu grandma two into the rongguo Mansion, why will Zhou Rui home across Mrs Wang, and directly to Wang Xifeng report this matter.Because, as Mrs. Wang’s companion, Zhou Rui’s attitude to the master is clear.In the whole process of Granny Liu entering the Rong Guo Fu, Mrs. Wang did not chat with her alone throughout the whole process, more strange than jia Fu people.Therefore, when Grandma Liu is about to leave jia Fu, ready to say goodbye to her, they just say no.Of course, when Grandma Liu left, she got one hundred taels of silver support from Mrs. Wang.This to, they a year’s living expenses also but more than 20 silver dog a family, is indeed a large sum of money.However, the value of affection is often higher than money, although Mrs. Wang gave her one hundred taels of silver, but at the same time, she also clearly said: I hope grandma Liu will not go to relatives and friends.When Granny Liu entered the Rong Guo Fu, she really came for autumn wind.Therefore, her hands were empty and she was embarrassed. However, the situation had already changed when Grandma Liu entered the Rong Guo Fu.Because wang Xifeng gave two hundred silver, they had already spent a predicament.She had come on purpose to repay her kindness.Since the dog family moved out of the capital, for twenty years, there was no contact with the Wang family in Beijing, but stable in their own plain life.Only from this point of view, we can understand that the dog family, is not a snobbery, say clearly, is poor ambition in endlessly.Therefore, when Grandma Liu came to Jia Fu for the second time and left, the one hundred taels of silver given by Mrs. Wang, although a large number, was full of cold smell of copper, which seemed particularly powerful and indifferent.2. Jia Mother who is enthusiastic about Grandma Liu.Jia’s mother, the old lady of the Rong Guo Fu, is exalted.A comfortable old age consisted of nothing more than teasing with grandchildren and playing cards with the old ladies.She has nothing to do with Grandma Liu.Just, when she heard zhou Rui home with Wang Xifeng talk about this matter, but this with their age phase Buddha liu grandma produced interest, therefore, deliberately let people bring to meet.In this way, one is a poor grandma in the countryside, one is an old lady from a rich family, the two people met in this way, and chatted very happily.Jia’s mother also invited her to visit our big garden.In the grand View garden, Jia mother showed great enthusiasm to Grandma Liu.Not only take her around, visit Lin Daiyu live xiaoxiang pavilion, Jia Tanchun live in the Autumn cool zhai;After dinner, chatting with her in the shade of a tree.In the miao jade live in cui nunnery, when miao jade to good old Jun mei taste jia mother, she is not stingy, with Liu Grandma shared.In the Xiaoxiang pavilion where Lin Daiyu lived, when Grandma Liu heard jia’s mother and others to paste window screens with soft smoke for Daiyu, but said a few words, Jia’s mother will remember in her heart.Therefore, when Grandma Liu was about to leave Jia Fu, Jia’s mother had already prepared a gift for her to take home.Inside, there are the prescriptions that Grandma Liu wants, the cakes that Grandma Liu wants, and the cloth that Grandma Liu wants.And gold and silver guozi, which is not powerful but valuable.Because jia Mother played the grand View garden too much fun, wind, cold.Therefore, unable to send Liu Mu to leave, but she also let people with words, let her often come free.In the words, still do not lose the rare enthusiasm.For Grandma Liu’s attitude, Mrs. Wang is influential, Jia’s mother is enthusiastic.But in tenderness these two belong.3. Wang Xifeng, who is full of warmth to Grandma Liu.Wang Xifeng, is “a Dream of Red Mansions” in the feelings of the most rich people, as the rong Guo Fu acting housekeeper, she treated people very strict;But in front of Jia’s mother, he is also known as a happy nut.It can be said that Wang Xifeng, is a very powerful and means of people.But such a person, liu grandma, grandparents and grandchildren, but always full of warmth.Granny Liu entered the rong Guo Fu, Wang Xifeng by the meaning of Mrs Wang gave her twenty silver.But on top of that, there was another string of money to give them a taxi home.Although a string of money is not much, but enough to let Liu Grandma jia Fu this rich family in the sincere and tender feeling.When Granny Liu entered the Rong Guo Fu, she found it was late and worried that she could not get out of the city.The zhou Rui family rushed to report to Sister Feng, who kept saying, “They have come all this way and carried so many things, even for one night.Grandma Liu can visit the grand View garden, can live in jia house for a few days, is due to sister Feng’s kindness, sister Feng’s warmth.In the whole process, Wang Xifeng and Liu’s interaction, such as arranging flowers for her to dress her;For example, feed him the cigars;To the end, Wang Xifeng even his only daughter big sister’s name, have chosen to let Liu Grandma.The affection of their two people, be a friend of forgetful age, grandma Liu can sell house sell land to save qiao elder sister in the future, perhaps it is sister Feng’s accumulation of a little warmth to her.4. Ping Er, who is full of warmth to Grandma Liu.In jia mansion, if you want to row out the red and black list from the numerous servant girls, small white believe, flat son should be the first red list.Because of her good nature, she was full of kindness to all people.For example, the second sister you married Jia Lian.When Pinger saw her eating bad food, he would secretly take out his own money to improve her food.Seeing that she was being bullied, Pinger would secretly go to comfort her.Again, for instance, rose syrup, clearly witness, Mrs King room rose shows the largest and the most suitable object is stolen LiuWuEr, just, when LiuWuEr knelt in front of her, crying, but she relented, and after asking clear case, the second day early in the morning to yi-hong courtyard know the truth, in the end, gave LiuWuEr has her mother a rare justice.        From the identity status, as rongguo mansion acting housekeeper flat son, such as Liu Wuer such a man, can not have sympathy, even if she randomly broke the case, who also can not say what, as Wang Xifeng said: the court has wrongful convictions.But in front of the kind-hearted flat son, but do not have the heart to such things.It was the same for you, liu Wu, Liu Mu and Ping Er.Pinger’s warmth to Grandma Liu was more reflected in her parting, when she introduced the items given by everyone to Grandma Liu one by one, she also said such words.Ping ‘er laughed and said, “Between ourselves, we are all on our own.Don’t worry about it. I still want something from you. At the end of the year, you can only bring the dried vegetables you dried in the sun, cowpeas, lentils, eggplant, calabash strips and other dried vegetables — we all like them here — and forget about it.The simple sentence “myself” had already shown Pinger’s recognition and acceptance of grandma Liu, a poor relative, and the various dried dishes she offered to Grandma Liu later provided an opportunity for her to visit Jia fu again.Summary: whether jia Mother or Lady Wang, whether Wang Xifeng or Ping er;Their life is higher than grandma Liu’s.As Grandma Liu once said to her son-in-law: Houmen is as deep as the sea;However, in the treatment of Grandma Liu’s attitude, everyone is not the same.And from this point, we can also understand, jia Fu in the phase of life!