Settle!After the Spring Festival, there will be no work days off

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The lunar New Year holiday the twinkling of an eye have a finished according to the State Council general office notice the Spring Festival holiday is on January 31, 2022 (Monday, New Year’s eve) to (people) on Sunday, February 6, tomorrow to work according to the plan on Monday February 12 (Saturday) on February 13th (Sunday) normal off-duty not arrange work paid leave this is equivalent to “crawl” happy not?How to work overtime during Spring Festival?Although it is the Spring Festival holiday some workers can not escape the fate of overtime Spring Festival overtime pay how to calculate?According to the labor law of the People’s Republic of China legal holiday arranges laborer to work, pay not the of 300% pay pay under salary playday arrange laborer to work to cannot arrange again fill pay not the of 200% pay pay under salary holiday soon after the seven-day holiday spoil you will worry about as usual suffer from post-holiday syndrome?After the end of the holiday, many people will feel the stomach discomfort, mental fatigue, loss of appetite, sleep disorder, etc., at the same time generate excitement and relaxation during still can be in after a long period of time for people, even have to work, it is easy to let a person produce psychological “inertia” and cannot enter the working state;This is the classic post-holiday syndrome.Let’s take a look at some ways to relieve holiday syndrome.During the Spring Festival holiday, the body and mind are excessively relaxed, eating and working schedule are disrupted, eating and sleeping more, watching TV and surfing the Internet more, but exercising less.When the holidays are over, it’s time to get some exercise in the park or go for a walk outside to ensure you’re in a good working mode.Adjust food during Spring Festival, everybody jubilation gathers fete, everyday “big fish big meat”, can cause very big burden to intestines and stomach.In order to let have “unbearable burden” gastrointestinal rest, suggest regular diet, drink more tea, eat more fruit, clear intestinal tract.Adjust sleep During the holidays, many people stay up late to sleep in.Go to work naturally to go to bed and get up on time, the disrupted biological clock to dial back.If you can’t fall asleep, listen to soothing music, gently massage your head or soak your feet in hot water.Relax your eyes During the Spring Festival, I spent the whole day with my mobile phone. After a few days, I only felt top-heavy and my eyes were dry, painful and uncomfortable.Use your eyes less at this time.Be inferior to looking for a high mountain right now, climb high and look far, see greenery, look far beautiful scenery, can alleviate the unwell of the eye on certain level.Adjust the mentality of eating and drinking for a week, suddenly switch to work, many people are difficult to adapt.Psychological adjustment can only rely on their own consciousness.Adjust the content of life and work and rest time, calm down to sort out the work content, the idea of flying back.After all, work is the norm for most people, and those who strive will surely get to work soon enough.Edit: Zi Liang