Tianlong eight department: A Zhu still has the opportunity to reverse the outcome, but xiao Feng, certainly will move towards tragedy

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In the novel “Tian Long Ba Bu”, among the three leading men of Tian Long, xiao Feng is probably the only one who can be called a real warrior.Duan Yu, the prince of Dali, will eventually put state affairs first;And virtual bamboo?The young monk, pushed by fate, has no ability to choose himself.Hold up tian Long wuxia world, in fact, only one person Xiao Feng.What is tragedy?The tragedy is that the author endowed Xiao Feng with all the good things in life and then took them away one by one.Xiao Feng has the most top life situation, 30 on the full level of martial arts;When Xiao Feng encounters adversity in life, met unexpectedly the most beautiful love, he encountered lovely nifty A Zhu.Compared with Yu Yan, the illegitimate daughter of The South King of Dali town, and Princess Yinchuan of The Western Xia Dynasty, Azhu is the only woman who has the opportunity to choose love without any identity burden.Xiao Feng and A zhu, is “tianlong eight”, the only pure beauty of love.But the love is too brief, leaving readers gasp.Can the story of Aju be reversed, that Aju is still alive?The simple answer is yes.Can xiao Feng and a Zhu have comedy ending impossibly, Xiao Feng is bound to move toward his tragic fate…In the novel, Azhu’s tragic ending is that Xiao Feng kills her by hand.Cause this ending, is not a zhu and Xiao Feng have what difficult long-cherished wish, cause this ending, just a simple misunderstanding.Xiao Feng in a few heavy misunderstanding, misunderstanding Duan Zhengchun, is to harm xiao Feng become orphans of the lead brother.And Arju?A Zhu also accidentally knew her real life, she is duan Zhengchun and Ruan Xingzhu’s illegitimate daughter.Arju is very kind, but also very stupid!In order to resolve loved ones and loved ones this difficult to reconcile the hatred, A Zhu easy to become Duan Zhengchun duel with Xiao Feng, where is xiao Feng’s opponent, a few moves, was killed by Xiao Feng.In Arju’s eyes, she is using her own life to resolve the hatred of close relatives and loved ones.But in the eyes of her father Duan Zhengchun, and her lover Xiao Feng, Such a decision will only bring them emotional damage, let them lifetime guilt.This unnecessary injury could have been avoided!In fact, as long as Azhu thought carefully, with her intelligence, she could find that Duan Zhengchun did not have the possibility to become a leader: ① Duan Zhengchun was the south king of Dali, and he should do things according to the state.Dali did not have the ability to compete with the Song and Liao. Duan Zhengchun’s status meant to add chaos to Dali.② The place where Xiao Feng’s family was attacked was Yanmenguan, which belonged to the Song Dynasty.Duan Zhengchun, as the King of Zhennan in Dali, commanded the nobles of the Song Dynasty to harm the Khitan people.Apart from the illogic of this behavior, there is only one thing that duan Zhengchun could not control the nobles of the Song Dynasty.The whole thing is confused, full of strange, A Zhu can convince Xiao Feng, investigation clear conclusions.The truth of the matter will soon surface, Duan Zhengchun and Xiao Feng family was attacked in yanmen had nothing to do with it, everything is kang Min that woman in nonsense, kang Min nonsense reason is very simple, is jealous between women.So Xiao Feng and A Zhu can live safely, but they will have a perfect ending?The answer is still no, Xiao Feng can not carry his destiny…The mystery of Xiao Feng xiao Feng’s life was revealed, is led by two people.The first person, it is conceited beauty, but xiao Feng ignored kang Min.Kang Min, the woman who designed it step by step;One by one, the beggars wanted to ask the superior people to expose xiao Feng’s identity as a Khitan.And then what?Kang Min the woman’s mind is simple, she wants to use Xiao Feng to find a big trouble for Duan Zhengchun, so that he can profit from it, forcing Duan Zhengchun to marry her.Even Kang Min do not know, Xiao Feng looking for the mystery of life experience in the process, but also by another person involved, that person is Xiao Feng’s father Xiao Yuanshan.At this time into the perspective of Xiao Yuanshan, from his point of view, his wife, clansmen, by the Song Dynasty by surprise attack, is not a great revenge;From his point of view, his own son was adopted by the People of The Song Dynasty, the people of the Song Dynasty trained Xiao Feng to be the leader of the Gai gang, and then let Xiao feng to deal with the Khitan people, it is more malicious.Xiao Yuanshan wants revenge!He just use his son to look for life experience in the process, one by one to get rid of, yanmen pass in the attack on his family.Xiao Yuanshan to do so, there will be no slightest slightest psychological burden.He took the leader of the eldest brother’s deep hatred, is to step by step to use his son with a blunt knife to kill, finally in front of the group revealed the so-called leader of the eldest brother’s real identity.Take the lead eldest brother harm his wife separated, he also must let the lead eldest brother taste this kind of taste!In other words, even if Xiao Feng solved the misunderstanding with Duan Zhengchun, together with Azhu, Xiao Feng and Azhu will also be xiao Yuanshan led, Xiao Yuanshan will lead them, continue to find xiao Feng’s way of life.Xiao Yuanshan resentment, or will xiao Feng traction to shaolin Temple, shaolin Temple here, will reveal the mystery of a lot of people’s life.For example, Xiao Feng, the son of Xiao Yuanshan, was a real Khitan;Xuzhu, for example, was the illegitimate son of Xuanci, the abbot of shaolin Temple, and Ye Erniang.Xiao Yuanshan early investigation clear, Shaolin temple abbot Xuan ci is the lead brother.He is to expose xuan ci’s absolute privacy in front of everyone, in order to revenge!After?Xuanci must choose to bear all the consequences, and he will commit suicide after being punished.Xiao Yuanshan was avenged, but what about Xiao Feng?After all this, Xiao Feng could not survive in the martial arts world of the Song Dynasty. It was an inevitable choice for him to return to the Khitan people.After?Did he and Azhu have a chance to herd horses and sheep outside Yanmen Pass?The answer is no.The ambition of the Great Liao emperor Yelu Hongji;Yelu Hongji wanted the song dynasty territory, xiao Feng was not able to change.Caught by the soldiers of the Great Song people, or will be abused, enslaved, all this will be seen by Xiao Feng eyes.Xiao Feng is a real warrior, a great warrior for his country and people, and he is sure to do it.However, in Xiao Feng’s mind, the concepts of country and people were separated.Does he belong to the Song or the Liao? Is he loyal to the Song or the Liao?The simple question of who I was became unanswerable to Xiao Feng.If Xiao feng were loyal to the Song, he would be betraying his own people.If Xiao Feng finally liao, he betrayed his own once, and grew up in his native land.It is a dilemma that cannot be solved both ways.Then xiao Feng’s tragedy will inevitably happen.Xiao Feng wanted to be loyal and righteous, but he had to sacrifice himself.He and Arju can’t have a perfect ending.