Tony Leung ka-fai, 64, celebrates Chinese New Year with his family, hugging his wife and his two leggy daughters

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On February 2, a group of photos of Tony Leung ka-fai and his four family members were exposed by the media, which caused a heated discussion on the Internet.It turns out that leung ka-fai’s 64th birthday is on the first day of the lunar New Year. His younger daughter, Leung Jingxi, specially shares a number of photos to celebrate his father’s birthday, and affectionately says “Birthday to the best Daddy in the world!!!!”I love you so so much! Happy birthday to the world’s best dad, I love you so much!”.In the photos, there are handsome photos of Leung ka-fai when he was young and recent photos of him when he was older.It must be said that although he is over 60 years old, he is in excellent shape. Not only can he not see the belly of middle-aged men, but he can still see the muscle lines on his arms.Among the many photos, the most striking is the family photo of Tony Leung ka-fai and his four family members.In the camera, Tony Leung ka-fai looks simple and stylish.I saw him while his wife Jiang Jiannian tightly hugged in his arms, but also close to his head on his wife’s head, it can be seen that he and his wife married 35 years, the feelings are still very sweet.The twin girls stood by their parents, one in their father’s arms, the other in their mother’s.The sisters, now 29, were tall and beautiful, especially with their long, slender legs.What’s more, with Harbin’s famous Hagia Sophia in the background behind them, the family appears to be celebrating the New Year in the mainland.Another shows a family of four standing in front of an ice sculpture.Tony Leung ka-fai is eating tanghulu with exaggerated expression, completely without the AIRS of big stars, looking very down-to-earth.In addition to the photos, Liang also posted two videos.In one video, she and her sister are still very young, with Tony holding their hands and happily jumping into a swimming pool, just like a naughty big boy.However, after seeing the sisters fall into the water, Mr. Leung quickly and carefully cradled them in his arms.Holding the camera shot Jiang Jiannian, can not help but laugh at the camera, the picture looks very happy.In another video, Leung ka-fai can be seen pushing his daughter in the snow in a mischievous way, as if she has grown up and he is still the same jokester boy he once was.Tony Leung ka-fai has been living a leisurely retirement life since he finished shooting the movie “There is Always Love in Isolation” early last year.At the end of last year, some netizens came across Leung in Zhuhai and asked for a photo.He agreed at once, in a genial manner.A short time later, Leung was photographed with Carina Lau and Cecilia yip’s husband at an exhibition in Shanghai.Travelling, meeting friends and going to exhibitions, it seems that Tony Leung ka-fai enjoyed his holiday very much.Anyway, I wish Tony leung a healthy and happy family, and I hope he can spare time to bring his fans new blockbusters.# Tony Leung Ka-fai #, Tony Leung Ka-fai daughter #, Tony Leung Ka-fai Mainland Chinese New Year #