What is the ending of Zhang Xiaofan and Li Xin in the TV series Rules before Divorce?

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In the TV series Rules before Divorce, zhang Xiaofan and Li Xin end up together.”Rules before Divorce” is directed by Liu Jiacheng, jia Naliang, Bai Baihe, Gao Lu and other stars of the contemporary urban drama.I believe that you are familiar with the TV series “Rules before Divorce”, which tells the story of three couples who were born in the 1980s after they got married. The TV series has attracted wide attention and is deeply loved by everyone since it was broadcast.The TV series reflects the contemporary young people’s view of love. Blind love is not always happy, and lovers should think positively before entering marriage to find true happiness.In the TV series “the rules before a divorce,” Li Xin am rich second generation, and Kevin is just an ordinary girl, but Kevin pure beauty deeply attracted Li Xin, he had a fierce pursuit, Kevin under Li Xin rhetoric, Kevin became a full-time wife, married Li Xin soon lose freshness in Kevin, still laid out in the outside,They divorced.After divorce, Li Xin still couldn’t let go of Zhang Xiaofan and pursued zhang Xiaofan again. They would still be together.