Zhenguan long song: Li Shimin started the west to destroy the Arab, back to Luoyang wanbang dynasty

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The most prosperous dynasty in China’s feudal period is undoubtedly the Tang Dynasty.That period of time is the most proud memory of every Chinese descendant.In the annals of The Three Kingdoms 11 endless wild hope MOD, the Tang Dynasty empire led by Emperor Taizong Li Shimin, can reproduce the highlight of thousands of years ago, let us start the introduction of this article.The initial base arranged for Li Shimin in the game is daliang. Although there are slight changes in the specific coordinates of the sand table, we can basically regard it as the same as Chen Liu of the original Three Kingdoms 11.The four neighbors of the Tang Empire were the Song dynasty at Kaifeng (original Puyang), the Han Dynasty at Pengcheng (original Xiaopei), the Tubo and Indochina Federation at Xuchang, and the Arab Empire at Luoyang.To the east are compatriots of equal strength, and to the south are sons-in-law of a large armed Rattan Army. Only the Arab in the west is the easiest and most reasonable to fight.Gao Xianzhi in the history of the fight can not win, can not mean that Li Shimin in the game to take them no way, the following into the backbone of the role of information display.Li Jing (tong 97, Wu 72, Zhi 88, Zheng 64, Mei 71) Su Dingfang (Tong 95, Wu 95, Zhi 69, Zheng 55, Mei 68) Li 𪠪Ÿ (tong 91, Wu 63, Zhi 88, Zheng 74, mei 81) attack the giant of Xiao Liang, Fu Gongchun, East Tuji and Tuguhun li Jing, and have won four “overlord”, “key attack”, “array” and “made-enemy” in the gameIt has a maximum firepower and will not encounter enemy critical hits and unit restraint, even the use of combat skills are difficult to succeed on him.Su Dingfang, who destroyed western Turkic and Korean peninsula and let Tibetan be a low-key man, was granted the attributes of swift, long drive, surprise, capture and siege. The cavalry he led is the ceiling of the entire Three Kingdoms 11 endless wild hope MOD, and only Alexander the Great can fight with one of them.Li 𪟝, born in Wagang, participated in a series of battles led by Li Jing and Su Dingfang. Unfortunately, his aura was taken away by the two eldest brothers upstairs. Although his initial command score was 91 points, he only had two points: siege and firing rangeThree men, Li Jing, Su Dingfang and Li 𪟝, formed the first echelon of the Tang dynasty’s military force, recommending cavalry and equipment modelsXue Rengui (Tong 86, Wu 98, Zhi 57, Zheng 59, Mei 70) Li Guangbi (Tong 85, Wu 81, Zhi 64, Zheng 36, Mei 40) Wang Zhongji (Tong 83, Wu 95, Zhi 68, Zheng 60, Mei 73) “three arrows set tianshan” Xue Rengui, under the support of the special effects of god can use various arms hit,However, sniper + magic arm buff is still the first choice for crossbow.Pacify the anshi rebellion Of Li Guangbi, there will be bow, archer and the army three stunts alongside the body, Guo Ziyi only qingye and heart attack, more suitable for the deputy general.Wang Zhong-si, who surrendered 36 Khitan troops and predicted an Lushan’s rebellion, was able to mount, drive out and capture a general with a force value of 95 percent.These three made up the second line of the Tang army, and Li Shimin had ten talents in his army, a level of generals that Egypt, Holland, Spain, Italy, Japan and South Korea could only hope to match.Li Bi (Tong 54, Wu 40, Zhi 95, Zheng 83, Mei 75) fang Xuanling (Tong 35, Wu 49, Zhi 93, Zheng 89, Mei 75) And Du Ruhui (Tong 50, Wu 51, Zhi 89, Zheng 92, Mei 64) mentioned the six great generals of the Tang Army, and the three great thinkers must not be omitted.He formulated the general policy of pacifying the Rebellion of an and Shi, and later assisted Tang Dezong in defeating Li Bi and Du Duan, the famous “house planner”, who were the three chariots of tang dynasty’s soft power.If any country dares to say that they can play tricks before them, it is hard to say that they can play tricks before them.Li Shimin (tong 96, wu 84, wisdom 89, politics 91, evil spirit 94) the nature of the last stage is “one emperor of the ages” Li Shimin, this standard five-pointed star to see people sense of security burst into the roof.The game to his skill configuration in turn is destiny, archer, crash, wugan, god shot level crossbow power is the first of the Chinese countries, the western world of god arrows, only the British black prince is qualified with Li Shimin in the same breath.In terms of the five dimensional attributes, Li Shimin is the most perfect monarch of the whole MOD, and the bosses of other countries on earth are almost embarrassed in front of him.Besides Li Shimin, the Wu Zetian that is wife and daughter-in-law also is in the queue of tang Dynasty, the friend that likes female emperor to govern a country can use “zen let” button lets mei niang be superior, command these big old man again hit the world for her.Whether man or woman master, datang in the annals of The Three Kingdoms 11 endless wild hope MOD of a blood must be Arabia, took Luoyang into saladin, wanbang to enter the countdown.