Festival I am on duty | Liuzhou Interpol 4 years relay for 21 workers to recover unpaid wages

2022-04-30 0 By

21 workers were owed 230,000 yuan in wages for four years after their boss left the company due to poor management.Through 4 years of relay efforts, Liuzhou Chicken La Interpol successfully recovered 120,000 yuan of wages for 21 workers before The New Year’s Eve in 2022, helping workers to enjoy the New Year at ease.In 2016, master Li and 20 other workers worked in a mold company in our city. At first, they were paid on time every month.From August 2016, the company’s owner Wu mou to the company’s operating capital turnover difficulties on the ground, began to delay part of the monthly wages, promised to fill back as soon as possible.In August 2017, Wu’s unpaid wages reached 230,000 yuan. In September, the company went bankrupt and Wu disappeared.For Wu mou refuses to pay the behavior of labor remuneration, Li master and other 20 workers from the end of 2017, has complained to the relevant labor security supervision department and chicken la criminal investigation brigade report.Chicken Interpol received a report, immediately launched an investigation, this period has no trace of Wu.In the past 4 years, the police handling the case changed several because of the job transfer, but each took over the case of the police are still unremittingly launched the investigation.On January 23, handling the case police get important clues, disappeared for many years wu appeared in Liushi Road.Subsequently, the police quickly attack to capture Wu.After the trial, Wu mou confessed to his behavior of unpaid wages.Handling the case police wu mou education and enlightens, warned him to keep good faith, as soon as possible to pay arrears of wages.Under the education of the police, Wu mou said he had realized his mistake.Finally, after collecting money from various parties, the first 120,000 yuan was transferred to the Labor security supervision department of Yufeng District on January 27, and the department paid the unpaid wages to 20 workers including Li.Wu said the rest will be raised as soon as possible.At present, Wu mou has been taken criminal compulsory measures in accordance with the law, the case is being further handled.