How to cure kitchen garbage leachate problem?Lightrade has the answer

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With the continuous development of urbanization in China, the amount of kitchen waste is increasing.Catering industry is mainly kitchen waste, specific kitchen waste should be reclassified.For large bones, non-perishable, such as tube bones, cattle bones, etc., need to be classified as other garbage.Other leftovers, such as leftovers, should be classified as perishables.Kitchen waste will produce a large number of pollutants such as ammonia nitrogen and hydrogen sulfide during transportation and stacking.These substances will be directly dissolved in the kitchen waste leachate, its protein and oil content is high, easy to be affected by a variety of environmental factors.In the stacking process, it is easy to rot, while emitting a stench, which may spread viruses and bacteria, threatening human health.Traditional kitchen landfill leachate treatment process has many problems, such as incomplete, high operating cost, secondary environmental pollution and so on.In the traditional landfill leachate treatment engineering, it is necessary to choose the appropriate treatment technology according to the water quality of leachate in different periods, usually requires the combination of various technologies to achieve the corresponding treatment effect.In view of the pain points of the industry, Lightrade landfill leachate treatment equipment has promoted the standardization of landfill treatment, reduce leachate volume, purification of water quality technical characteristics, has been recognized by many users.The emergence of landfill leachate treatment equipment effectively solves the problem of leachate pollution.The equipment is specially developed for high concentration wastewater treatment, with high turbidity, high SDI value, high salt, high COD and other characteristics.It has the advantages of low operating cost, low outlet energy consumption, stable outlet water quality and high impact resistance.After treatment, the effluent can meet the pollution Control standard of Domestic garbage Landfill (GB1689-2008), and solve the treatment problem of kitchen waste leachate.