Is your online dating partner going to take you to invest and make money?

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Across the screen you nong I nong I put you when intimate lover you put me when the slaughter of the “pig” today hongji bao public security will take you to read “kill pig plate” exactly what is “kill pig plate” “kill pig plate” is “practitioners” his name.Fraudsters prepare “pig feed” such as setting up good people and making friends routines, and call social media platforms “pigsty”, in which they find the target of fraud called “pigs”.By forming romantic relationships, that is, “raising pigs.”Finally defraud money, namely “kill a pig”.The broad sense of killing pig dish is based on a variety of means to cultivate trust, after a period of time to obtain the trust of the other party, with a variety of temptations to let the victim cheated to lose money for the purpose of fraud.Different from other scams of “short flat fast”, the biggest characteristic of killing pig plate is to put a long “pig”, the longer you raise, the more ruthless you kill.Just like the real world “wine”, the cheater will be packaged as a certain identity and you encounter, across the network line to accompany you, chat, talk, cultivate feelings, when you fully trust each other, then lead you to the gambling website, “instant explosion to complete the single kill”.The first step of the common routine of “killing pig pan” is to look for targets. First of all, they will look for successful people over the age of 30. People in this age group generally have economic foundation, and successful people have certain needs for relationships, so they will meet their requirements and take such people as targets.The second step is to gain trust. The cheater will chat with people frequently after adding friends, so that you can have trust in them. Some cheaters will even take care of you and confirm love relationship with you, so that you can trust him (her) more deeply.The third step, encourage investment until the relationship is stable, the cheater will start to encourage you to buy stocks in their self-made platform, most people will try to invest a small amount of money, the cheater will operate through the background, let you make a small amount of money.After you taste the sweet, the scammer will claim that he or she has mastered the rules of the stock APP, just follow him or her to make a profit.At this point, you’re convinced, and you’re pouring money into the platform.After the victim invests a large amount of money, he sees that the amount on the platform has not increased and prepares to withdraw the amount, but finds that he cannot withdraw the amount.(Or after the victim recharges the money to the account, the victim will make the false impression that the APP “money” is lost by reverse purchase with loss, delay the withdrawal time, modify background data, etc.)The sixth step, disappear from the scene when you want to negotiate with the other side, the cheater has disappeared without a trace.By the time the victim does a double take and discovers that he has been duped, the money has gone into the pocket of the scammer.Police remind network friends to pay attention to the protection of privacy, carefully verify each other’s identity, do not impulsive, do not believe the sky will fall pie, once found cheated, immediately to the police.To tell the story of the police and make the voice of the Public Security Of Hongsibao District, the Fusion Media Center of the Police BureauWritten with dedication youth without regret with struggle to polish the background of youth hot spot | on the installation of the “National anti-fraud center” APP hot spot | on the development of the national anti-fraud activities proposed