Self-developed flatness measuring robot helps Build “fastest ice” for Winter Olympics National Speed Skating Hall

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The 24th Winter Olympic Games opened on The evening of February 4, with a research team from Shenzhen University providing unique scientific and technological support for the success of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Come and have a look!The “Ice Ribbon”, a landmark building of the Beijing Winter Olympics, covers an area of 12,000 square meters and is designed entirely on ice.In order to create the “fastest ice” and ensure the uniform temperature of the ice surface after ice making, so that athletes can compete well, the National Speed Skating Hall has put forward a high standard for the construction of the smoothness of the concrete base of the ice surface, that is, the height difference within any 5m area should not exceed ±3mm.In order to achieve this goal, an efficient and high-precision flatness measurement device is urgently needed for ice making in the internal arena of the National Speed Skating Stadium, so as to timely find out the position of excess flatness, feedback it to the construction party for correction before concrete solidification, and conduct acceptance and evaluation on the cement base after completion.To this end, Beijing national oval management co., LTD, shenzhen university dynamic precision engineering survey team, using inertial measurement method was proposed to precision measurement of the ground local ups and downs, at the same time through the auxiliary orientation of inertial technology was carried out on the test results, realize the large ice fast flatness evaluation of concrete base.The requirement of measuring the flatness of the cement base of the National Speed Skating Stadium runs through the construction of the stadium. According to the characteristics of the stadium construction in different periods, the team has developed the corresponding measurement scheme and developed special equipment.In order to detect the smoothness of concrete base in the initial setting state during construction period, a flat-plate inertial smoothness measuring robot was invented to assist the precise grinding of concrete ice base during construction period.After the completion of the ice base, the team developed a wheeled inertial flatness measuring robot to accurately measure the relative elevation of the ground and comprehensively evaluate the flatness.Compared with traditional ground flatness measurement methods, the flatness measurement robot developed by the Shenzhen University team has the advantages of high precision, dense measurement points, fast efficiency, positioning and good flexibility.The relative elevation measurement accuracy of the robot is better than 0.5mm/5m, and the comprehensive measurement efficiency is 5-10 times higher than that of the traditional level method, which fully meets the requirements of flatness measurement and evaluation of super-large indoor concrete base.The smoothness measuring robot developed by the Shenzhen University team has the advantages of high precision, dense measuring points, fast efficiency, positioning and good flexibility.During the construction period from October to December 2020, the team carried out two comprehensive surveys of the National Speed Skating Stadium, with a total distance of more than 20km.Through the measurement during the construction period, the exceeding position of smoothness is detected, which provides a reference for the leveling and grinding of the ice base during the construction period.The flatness measurement after completion provides a strong basis for the quality evaluation and acceptance of ice surface.The national Speed Skating Hall completed its first ice making in January 2021, which can achieve the temperature difference of the ice surface no more than 0.5 degrees Celsius, fully meeting the requirements of the International Skating Federation speed skating stadium that the temperature difference of the ice surface no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius, which verifies that the construction quality of the ice base reaches the design goal.According to introduction, the team of Shenzhen University has demonstrated outstanding innovative scientific research thinking and efficient and accurate practical ability in the project implementation process, which has been recognized by the relevant parties of the national Speed Skating Stadium construction.The project “Key Technology and Application of Dynamic high-precision Construction Survey for National Speed Skating Hall” won the first prize of 2021 Annual Surveying and Mapping Science and Technology Award.Award certificate.Gifted as photogrammetry technology “flying” explore the beauty of the Beijing games in January 2022, by the China JingJiWang planning, production of the “flying” explaining the Beijing 2022 Olympics “navigation system has been officially launched, the system for the first time will be a panoramic view, all dimensional visualization display media technology applied in Olympic venues, diversification of three-dimensional perspective,To meet the visitors’ demand for fast and high quality information of the Winter Olympics, presenting the beauty of the Beijing Winter Olympics.In November 2021, the UsHI photogrammetry team of Shenzhen University applied to China Economic Network for project participation, and started work in December, using the UsHI photogrammetry technology to collect data for the national Aquatics Center “Icecube”.As one of the venues of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the national Aquatics Center has relatively low storey height and unique air film shape structure, which brings great difficulty and challenge to the 3d acquisition and processing of real scenes.In the practical work of National Aquatics Center — Icecube, the SHENZHEN University Youshi Photogrammetry team generates rough models required by youshi planning from satellite image data, and uses original visual analysis, spatial transformation, reconstrucability calculation and other technical means, with the dual constraints of optimal observation orientation and flight safety airspace.Through a series of automatic calculations such as voyage point generation, voyage point adjustment, voyage point optimization, voyage point partition and route generation, the optimal route planning was carried out in advance, and the icecube real-scene 3D data collection was completed with high quality within a limited window time.Compared with the traditional altimetry acquisition method, the photogrammetry has the technical characteristics of multi-level, multi-perspective and enveloping, which is especially suitable for the high-precision 3D reconstruction data acquisition of complex scenes.The technical method of photogrammetry has the characteristics of multi – level, multi – Angle and enveloping.The aerial project planning, considering the operation security and light conditions on the quality of the collected data, the implementation of the process route is divided into things on both sides, the minimum altitude of 20 metres, facilitate at different times, different illumination conditions for data acquisition, reduce the influence of the light for image data, and greatly improve the data quality,Ensure that all images have good illumination conditions as far as possible.In addition, cooperative aerial photography by multiple uAVs can further improve operational efficiency.Sun Ying Shenzhen University Sun Ying South Press Media Group South + client source: South + – create more value