The 4 most painful diseases in the world, pain degree or no less than “torture”, experienced are superman

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“What do not have a disease, what do not have no money”, I believe that this is the common wish of everyone, but life, how can not be sick for a lifetime?Sick to timely medical examination and treatment, under the professional guidance of the doctor, can make the disease as soon as possible recovery.Disease class exists in the world are diverse, although modern medicine is improving, but for some special diseases but no way, and a lot of diseases during the period of onset will bring great pain to the patient, today will give you count the four kinds of pain diseases in the world, the degree of pain as the ancient torture, don’t know you ever know?1. Herpes zoster Not all patients with herpes zoster will have pain, but only some patients will have pain clinically.The risk groups for pain are as follows: 1. Elderly patients, the older they are, the higher the probability of postherpetic neuralgia;2. Acute herpes zoster reaction is severe, local inflammatory reaction is obvious, the range of herpes is large and wide, and this kind of patients are most prone to pain.The principle of pain is mainly due to viral replication resulting in nerve damage and local inflammatory response.Some patients have strong immunity, mild inflammatory reaction and nerve damage in the acute stage, and mild pain.In addition, in the early stage of the disease actively seek medical treatment, corresponding pain treatment, such patients will not appear obvious pain.2, trigeminal neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia is very pain, was known as the “world a pain”, main show is the pain of explosive attack, attack as a knife, electric shocks, like pain, lasts a few seconds to 1 ~ 2 minutes, suddenly, all of a sudden stop, talking when washing a face, brush your teeth, some patients will induce pain occurs,Or touching the mouth or cheek can trigger a burst of pain that lasts for a few seconds and then stops.Patients often dare not wash their face, brush their teeth and eat because of pain, which often leads to gaunt face and low mood. Therefore, patients with trigeminal neuralgia should be treated as soon as possible, so as not to seriously affect the quality of life of patients.3, subarachnoid hemorrhage some patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage, will feel the pain of the body, the cause of the body pain, because subarachnoid hemorrhage caused the meningeal stimulation.The meninges the main cause of irritation is the blood, which is coming out of a ruptured blood vessel, and it irritates the meninges, causing a stiff neck, and then a tight back, resistance.There is a sense of pulling, caused by the kind of pain, mainly a kind of pulling pain, this is more obvious.Some patients in the leg may not be as high as usual, in addition to some leg extension is not straight, a straight or a look up, there will be back pain and electric feeling.4, kidney stones in general, if there is no obstruction, no kidney effusion, effusion does not cause high pressure in the renal pelvis, generally will not form pain, will not feel lumbar acid swelling.Usually, stones are drained to the ureter through the renal pelvis, forming obstruction, resulting in increased pressure of the ureter fluid accumulation in the renal pelvis and the upper end, causing renal colic.Concrete with the method of pressure point pain is feasible in theory, but you should be careful on the actual operation, there must be a specialized subject doctor, experienced doctors to operate, because each patient’s specific conditions, different position of pressure point vary from person to person, the recognition of the face, according to the location of the pain can be called is point o.
A acupoint is where the pain pressure, but not without medical knowledge can be completed, for example, some patients if excessive pressure rib ridge Angle, psoas major muscle, may cause abdominal organ damage.If you have an aneurysm, it can rupture an aneurysm and be life-threatening, which is a very serious complication.So, must use specialized doctor, experienced doctor to complete.What is the pain level of childbirth?The pain of giving birth is the worst pain a human being can endure.Giving birth to children can cause several levels of pain, and the number of times of delivery and pregnancy is related to the specific as follows: First, for women who are pregnant for the first time, if it is full term pregnancy, the general pain is very strong, can reach about 8-10 levels of pain.Second, if it is a full term pregnancy, but the second and third pregnancies, because the pelvis has been expanded, so the delivery process is relatively smooth, the pain will be reduced, in general, the pain will be about 5-8.Third, some premature birth and abortion process, because the gestational age is relatively small, the volume of the fetus is relatively small, for the expansion of the pelvis, cervix and uterus stimulation will be weakened, may be about 3-5 pain.If the gestational age is relatively large, premature delivery, pain may be around 5-8.Conclusion: The above is the specific introduction of the cause of disease pain, we also know what at ordinary times?If you have anything to add to this, feel free to leave a comment below.Guide to Summer Regimen