Guangming Daily: further promote ice sports into the campus

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The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is a grand event that carries the pride and expectations of the Chinese people.In January 2022, the Statistical report on Driving 300 million People to Participate in snow and ice Sports showed that 15.73% of the respondents’ children had school activities or knowledge popularization of snow and ice sports. The total number of Chinese residents who participated in snow and ice sports reached 346 million, fulfilling the solemn promise made when bidding for the Winter Olympics.Facing the post-Winter Olympics era, “ice and snow Sports into the campus” should stick to the educational position, thinking and planning in three aspects of “what to learn”, “who to learn” and “where to learn”.Primary and secondary schools should aim to increase the number of people playing ice sports.Schools should work hard at popularizing knowledge, stimulating interest and developing basic skills.At the same time, the school should subdivide the knowledge of ice and snow sports into indirect knowledge of ice and snow sports and direct knowledge of ice and snow sports.Schools should make stepwise and school-based choices for ice and snow sports.The permanent presence of ice sports on campus requires a professional faculty.Schools must train professional ice and snow teachers if ice and snow sports are to be permanent on campus.On the one hand, to sum up the experiences of “local transformation” around the schools physical education teachers, to the national snow and ice movement for the pilot, recommendation intention, foundation of in-service teacher training at physical education teachers to participate in the ice, training eligible to obtain corresponding coaches qualification certificate of the project, and through the incentive mechanism to make them active bear “division of students” and “the teacher of teachers” dual role.On the other hand, it can draw lessons from the experience of snow and ice sports countries in attracting volunteers to teach in schools.The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics are bound to accumulate a considerable number of ice sports enthusiasts and professionals, who are a potential force for ice and snow teachers in schools.Referring to the experience of Japan, Europe and the United States, we can recruit volunteers for them.Ice and snow venue sharing solves site problems.The venue is the biggest obstacle restricting ice and snow sports into the campus.It is found that “sharing” is the general principle to solve the problem of ice and snow sports field in schools at home and abroad.First, the school and society share ice and snow venues.Even in Norway, Japan and other countries with strong snow and ice sports and education, their school snow and ice sports venues cannot meet the needs of schools. Instead, they need to cooperate with the venues owned by the government and social organizations to meet the needs of primary and secondary school students.Second, schools share ice and snow fields.Under the background of the policy of balanced development of compulsory education, schools with good ice and snow sports venues play a radiating role of resources and share the venues with surrounding schools, which is both the boundary and obligation.Third, the school sports venue sharing at different times.At present, the construction and use of school sports ground are mostly “summer mode”. As soon as it enters winter, the utilization rate and use range of school sports ground are greatly reduced, resulting in the waste of resources.This just provides an opportunity for campus ice and snow sports. Schools with conditions and willingness can revitalize campus venues by adopting “seasonal ice and snow Field”, “simulation ice and snow field”, “dry land for ice and snow sports”, “detachable ice field” and other ways to realize the switch between one place and two seasons according to the time and demand.(Author: Niu Nansen, Associate researcher, Institute of Basic Education, Chinese Academy of Education Sciences;The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a wrong source or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address:;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)