The entry-level version is very cost-effective, GAC Trumpchi GS8 configuration analysis

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Gac Trumpchi’s new second generation GS8 has been officially launched. Compared with the previous first generation models, this model has changed a lot. Not only is the exterior design more ambitious, but the interior takes into account the sense of luxury and technology, giving a very good first impression.At the same time, the new GS8 has improved its powertrain, offering not only a 2.0T+8AT powertrain combination, but also Toyota’s THS hybrid powertrain.Then how about the price and configuration distribution of the new 2nd generation GAC Trumpchi GS8?Which is the best model to choose?Let’s analyze it today.The manufacturer’s guide price of GAC Trumpchi GS8 is 186,800 to 246,800 yuan, and a total of 12 models with 6 configurations have been launched.Among them, 2.0T Pilot series models provide four configurations, priced from 186,800 yuan to 239,800 yuan, while the dual-engine series equipped with Toyota hybrid system provides two configurations, priced at 228,800 yuan and 246,800 yuan respectively. Each configuration provides six and seven seat layouts.So gaC Trumpchi GS8 a total of up to 12 models configuration.2. In terms of configuration and appearance, the new GAC Trumpchi GS8 still shows the shadow of the old model, such as the shape of the net and headlights, which are very familiar to people.But the shape of the air intake grille is more dynamic, which the pilot series of models air intake grille modelling, stable, the style of the founder is very beautiful.The two-engine series has a larger mesh and a more exaggerated intake grille.Therefore, from the front of the design, we can distinguish the differences between the new GAC Trumpchi GS8 models.Headlamp shape is very beautiful, and all models are matched with the matrix LED headlamp and LED day lights, and the honorable version of the above models also more than a geometric multi-beam function.Body color part, GAC Trumpchi GS8 provides elegant black, bright moon grey, magic speed silver, ink seal green, blade shadow white five body colors, on the basis of the five colors of the dual-engine series models, but also the exclusive body color of floating oxygen blue.The configuration of the tires is consistent, using 255/50 R20 inch tires, wufu hub modeling is also very sporty style.As for power, the new GAC Trumpchi GS8 offers two power combinations of 2.0t +8AT and 2.0T plus motor hybrid system.The 2.0-ton engine has a maximum power of 252 horsepower and a maximum torque of 400N·m. The transmission is an 8AT from aisin.The hybrid system consists of a 190hp 2.0T engine and electric motor, and the driveline is an E-CVT continuously variable transmission.Four-wheel drive system part, the fuel version of the car is the multi-piece clutch timely four-wheel drive system, and the hybrid version of the car is the use of electronic four-wheel drive, the hybrid four-wheel drive version of the car than the two-drive version of the car has a set of rear motor.Inside the car, the interior of the GAC Trumpchi GS8 is undoubtedly very attractive.Whether it is luxurious feeling or sense of technology, build very in place.The interior offers three color matching styles, namely black night shadow, gray seal green shadow and light dawn star diamond, so the choice of interior decoration is very rich.Inside the car, the configuration is very high, such as 12.3-inch full LCD instrument, 14.6-inch large central control screen, a full set of active safety driver assistance system are all standard.For seats, GAC Trumpchee GS8 offers 2-2-2 mode with 6 seats and 2-3-2 mode with 7 seats. The seats are made of imitation leather and genuine leather.Next, let’s compare the configuration differences of several models of GAC Trumpchi GS8.1, pilot series 2.0 TGDI two drive luxury at price: RMB 186800 (six, seven) pilot series 2.0 TGDI all-wheel-drive luxury at price: RMB 205800 (six, seven) let’s look at the gac kei GS8 introduction model, luxury at version of the configuration?First of all, the luxury intelligent version offers two -, four-wheel drive and six – and seven-seat models in total.Standard in the Lord the co-pilot seat airbag, the front side airbags, front row head air curtain, tire pressure display, ESP body stabilization system, before and after the active driving assistance systems, radar, 360 ° panoramic images, panoramic sunroof, electric memory can be opened, trunk, keyless entry and start, leather multi-function steering wheel, 12.3 inches and meters, mobile phone wireless charging, the front seatDynamic adjustment and heating, 14.6-inch central control screen supports navigation, road rescue, Bluetooth phone, voice recognition control, gesture control, facial recognition, Internet of vehicles, Matrix LED headlights, automatic anti-glare rearview mirror, automatic air conditioning, rear independent air conditioning and more.From the perspective of the richness of configuration, it is fully capable of daily family travel, so we give this model a five-star recommendation index.And one of six and seven edition models of configuration, and the price is consistent, and the displacement and all-wheel-drive models, 4 x4 version of up to 19000 yuan, in addition to more timely all-wheel-drive system configuration, before driving mode in movement, on the basis of economic, comfortable, more out of the two patterns, cross-country and snow multimedia configuration is based on the two drive version 8 speakers,Plus the ALPINE 10 speaker system.2, Pilotage series 2.0TGDI two-drive deluxe edition price: 205,800 yuan (six, seven seats) Two-engine series 2.0TM two-drive deluxe edition price: 228,800 yuan (six, seven seats) two-engine series 2.0TM four-drive deluxe edition price:246,800 yuan (six seats, seven seats) premium configuration has three models.Among them, the pilot series of two drive distinguished version of the two drive luxury version more than 19,000 yuan budget, and the four-drive luxury version of the price is exactly the same.Configuration part, the honorable version more than a parallel line assistance, reversing car side warning, automatic parking, Bluetooth keys, steering wheel heating, front seat ventilation, driver seat memory, 10 speakers of The Alpe sound, lighting to add geometric multi-beam, front row sound insulation glass, external rearview mirror memory and other functions.Configuration is also more abundant, but for those on a budget, the configuration and four-wheel drive system is a bit of a struggle to make a choice, after all, the two drive premium version and four-wheel drive luxury version of the price is the same.The price of the premium version of the double engine is 23,000 yuan higher than the premium version of the Pilot, in addition to the power system is different, the configuration is also different, the premium version of the double engine less parallel assist, reversing car side warning, automatic parking, steering wheel shift and heating, the rear passenger seat adjustable and the Alpi sound down to 8 speakers,But there are hidden door handles, HUD, built-in dashcam, electric reclining of the rear seat, leg rest adjustment and other features.From the perspective of cost performance analysis, I think the two-engine series is more worthy of choice. After all, in the context of the continuous rise of oil prices, the fuel consumption of models with such a size as GAC Trumpchi GS8 should be considered in the later stage.Double engine four drive honorable version than double engine two drive honorable version of the price more than 18 thousand yuan, in addition to the electric control four drive of double motor, but also more out of the off-road driving mode and 10 horn alpi sound, and fuel consumption increase is not obvious, for those consumers with adequate budget is more appropriate.Pilot 2.0TGDI 4WD Ultimate Edition239,800 yuan (six seats, seven seats) as the top model of the Pilot series, the price of the four-drive distinguished version is 34,000 yuan more than the budget of the two-drive distinguished version, but the improvement in configuration is relatively limited, in addition to providing the four-drive system at the right time,The Ultimate version also features off-road driving mode, hidden door handles, A HUD display, LED fog lights, driver’s leg rest adjustment, and an electric recline for the rear seat.Compared with the growth of the price, the pilot version of the cost performance is not very high, if the four-wheel drive system has a hard demand for friends as to choose four-wheel drive luxury models.Conclusion: To sum up, the new GAC Trumpchi GS8 brings us a lot of surprises in terms of product power, especially the addition of the hybrid system, which is no longer a concern for the fuel consumption of the mid-sized SUV with a dead weight of about two tons.And for those who pursue the ultimate cost performance of the car friends, the entry of the luxury two-drive intelligent version of the cost-effective model is very high.