What does wechat bank mean

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Wechat Bank is a new concept of wechat public platform launched by China Merchants Bank after it announced the upgrade of wechat platform. The service scope is expanded from a single credit card service to a comprehensive service platform integrating debit card and credit card business, which can realize a series of services such as transfer and remittance, mobile phone recharge and appointment management.1. Wechat banking service is convenient and fast.There is no need to install a separate client.A single wechat account can operate multiple bank accounts, which is significantly different from using a mobile banking client that requires the installation of multiple software.Customers can make full use of the fragmentation time to query account balance, transaction details, points, etc., and master account dynamics at any time;You can also inquire the surrounding outlets, handle the reservation number, ATM cardless withdrawal, large withdrawal reservation and many other financial services.2. Wechat banking is an extension of mobile banking. It is an emerging banking service connected to mobile banking mode through wechat port and a new financial service mode following online banking, telephone banking and mobile banking.The specific operation mechanism is the commercial Banks in WeChat first public platform registered WeChat public account, users scan bank add qr code or number search specified WeChat public attention, can pass the custom menu select account session interface function and function of intelligent customer service or artificial reply information, enjoying convenient financial services.3. Customers must bind CMB debit card in wechat bank to normally use all functions under “My Account”. Only when the bound CMB debit card is a micro credit card can use the “micro credit Card” function under “Featured Business”;Customers must bind CMB credit card to use all functions under “Credit Card” normally;Unbound customers can only use some functions in the menu and wechat customer service functions.