Always want to be the son of the men’s football team will not be promising, or strive to be a man

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· The characteristics of Hu Shengquan men’s football team were magnified by Double Li with the acquiescence of Chen Xuyuan and Zhu Guanghu.This is “willing to be everyone’s son.”However, except for the National men’s national football Team, no sports team is willing to be the son of everyone.Even in women’s football, they are not willing to be everyone’s daughter.On the contrary, they always show themselves as mature women who are brave and aggressive in front of everyone.In fact, Li Tie and Li Xiaopeng will not be in their own family, including parents, brothers and sisters, wife and children in front of the expression of willing to be sons!Even if Wu Lei and other national football players, they will not in front of their own family, including parents, brothers and sisters, wife and children, show willing to be sons of tone!Obviously, the men’s football team is willing to be the characteristics of everyone’s fans, not the men’s football team from the heart of the desire, but an illusion, is a kind of to achieve a certain goal.For what purpose?If he gets a worthless report card, he will kneel down and claim to be his son, so that he can be taken pity on and not blamed, but will give him a candy to appease him.2, want to spend more money, and do not want to make more contributions to everyone, will kneel down and claim to be the son of someone else, this is so that people pity him, give more money to him, let him go to foreign hug the tree.Obviously, he who is willing to be everyone’s son is worthless.If the men’s football team wants to aspire to his results for everyone of the man, so, will say to everyone, we go to play 12 strong, if not good results, so, we like Fan Zhiyi, do not take a penny salary.(See the essay “Urgent eyes! Fan Zhiyi really dare to say: Li Tie can not change me, not a penny salary”)