“I was on duty during the Spring Festival” business district patrol, guard the entrance and exit | 2022 Spring Festival, they spent in perseverance

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The last day of “year”, called “Year”, that night is called “New Year’s Eve”.It is connected with the New Year end to end, that is, “near the end of the year, the old poor month to do”, late on New Year’s Eve, the lights of thousands of sleepless night, but there is such a group of people, with stick to the post spent the first day of their New Year.Qi is the wife of Yin Hao, a policeman in Rongshi Police Station, Nangang District. On the first day of the 2022 Lunar New Year, Qi has only one wish: that her husband Yin Hao, who is on duty at the front line of peace, be safe.Since he joined the police in 2018, this is the fourth Spring Festival that Yin hao has spent in the unit.In the early morning of the New Year, he came to the mall, as the police on duty in qiulin Business District, together with the mall public security joint attendance, security guards into the area, for the fire situation, fireworks and other safety issues joint patrol.”Rong city business circle key places are many, the flow of people is also big, this big New Year’s day, for everyone safe, I have to turn around!”After four or five hours of patrol work, Yin hao said, his hands were red with cold and ice beads hung from his mask.But just returned to the office, not a drink of hot water, to deal with the new police situation.In his eyes, the New Year is not only a festival worth celebrating, but also a reunion in his heart.At midnight on New Year’s Eve, he took time out to make a video call to his family, where his baby, less than a year old, was holding out a tiny hand.Although there is no family reunion, but the child’s clear eyes are deeply nourishing the police’s heart, let him summon up courage, firmly protect the peace of the world.On New Year’s Eve of 2022, The 70-year-old Lu aunt in Xuanqing community strong cheer up, took out the Spring Festival couplets bought yesterday to lie on the bed of the child Zheng said: “son ah, our family in this fourth year, we must be better and better.I’ll give you some dumplings and you can warm them up at noon. I should be able to leave work early tonight.”Think of the encounter in recent years, Aunt Lu’s heart sour, last year the child Zheng found uremia, home not only sold the house still owe a lot of debt.”Dong Dong dong” came a knock on the door, she could not believe her ears, “Officer Liu, how come you!”Stooping, she pushed the door open and saw a man who surprised him.The original is only one side of the xuanqing Street police station liu Xuelin sent him the New Year’s goods.It was Liu xuelin, the police officer, who intervened when she accidentally spilled soup on a customer’s shoes while working at a restaurant last Saturday.Afterwards, liu Xuelin understood aunt Lu’s difficult situation through the community, and sent her gifts in the New Year specially.”Aunt, the day I met you, I was thinking about you, the future with our company, the day will be better every year!”Liu xuelin sent warmth and hope to Aunt Lu on the first day of the New Year.Liu Chunyang looked at his hometown other shousui road checkpoint, is an important channel into Harbin.Nangang branch of public security police Liu Chunyang is on duty here.On New Year’s Eve, liu Chunyang still sticks to her post.Looking at the bustling traffic, there was a moment when he was very homesick, “I miss my 95-year-old grandmother, more than 300 kilometers away, I really want to go home to see her……”Or cold feet, he said, pacing back and forth.At that moment, a stray cat emerged from the grass and snuggled up beside him to take shelter from the biting wind.He had some comfort in his heart, he is not only the little creature’s haven, but also the security of the people of the ice city.Looking back on the past year, Liu chunyang said that he has always been committed to the “first gate” of the fight against the epidemic and defended the city’s gate with all his strength.It is because he is surrounded by a group of people like him that he can face any difficulties and challenges calmly.Song Ze has been stationed at the railway station for three years on Spring Festival Eve, the auxiliary police patrol brigade of The Public security sub-bureau in Harbin station auxiliary police Song Ze, looking at the joy of the passengers returning home, mixed feelings in the heart.Home in Mudanjiang, he has been on duty at the railway station for the third year on New Year’s Eve.On this New Year’s Eve, Song Ze did not have time to exchange New Year greetings with his relatives and loved ones. Instead, he repeated the simple words and ordinary actions in his work thousands of times.”You take the luggage inconvenient, I help you do, how many is your mobile phone number?””Scan code normal, take temperature again.”…Last year, he stuck to the post of epidemic prevention and control, and this year he still couldn’t get on the train to return home.He knew that although the work is very monotonous, but it is to keep the people’s life safety and health of the frontier pass, every job he must do to the extreme.Not only that, he also enjoys helping others.On New Year’s Eve, Mr. Sun from Qiqihar accompanied his mother to Harbin for medical treatment.Since the old man never moved, Mr. Sun had to help the old man and carry his luggage.At his wit’s end, Song Ze offered a helping hand.”You take the luggage and I’ll take care of the old.”Said, Song Ze without words back up the old man, all the way out of the station.Seeing Mr. Sun and his mother get a taxi, Song Ze turned to return to his post, Mr. Sun called song Ze loudly and said excitedly: “Bingcheng police are really too warm, you deserve to be the people’s good police!”This New Year’s Eve, although there is no sumptuous delicious dinner, no parents, lover’s company, but song Ze heart surface but no regret, because the peace, reunion is song Ze’s biggest wish.Source: Harbin News Cao Weibai Fan Lu reporter: Liang Kexin editor: Wang Yue