Mr. Lei Mingdong’s artistic pursuit

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Leiming east, word day Thunder, number Sanle Lu zhu, Manchu.Calligrapher, Chinese painter, connoisseur of antiques,Currently he is member of China artists association, China’s legal aid foundation, director of the Chinese legal aid artists committee, vice-chairman of Chinese calligrapher’s official script research, Chinese academy chief, President of Chinese painting and calligraphy art, Chinese calligraphy and Chinese painting committee, vice President of the art research institute, the Chinese artists association, director of the travel fellowship committee center, Beijing Taoist association, vice director of artDeputy director of the association, distinguished professor and doctoral supervisor of Peking University and University of Los Angeles, lifelong consultant of American Chinese Art Society, consultant of Expert Identification Committee of Chinese folk cultural relics collection, etc.He has visited more than 90 countries and held more than 20 large-scale painting and calligraphy exhibitions at home and abroad.Elegant taste of Autumn Elegant Taste of Art Concise Pen and Ink Language — The Artistic Pursuit of Mr. Lei Mingdong Famous Painter And Calligrapher Cold Message Beijing in October is the most beautiful season of the year.One day in the middle of October, I was invited to the studio of Mr. Lei Mingdong, a famous calligrapher and painter, for an interview.This is a building located in a courtyard in the west of Beijing, belonging to the structure of the courtyard.In the master’s spacious working room, although due to painting and calligraphy, books and various works of art more occupy half of the country, but the master is still noisy in the quiet to open up a piece of tea chat “holy land”, so that we can enjoy the art edified at the same time can still be comfortable tea chat.Although ziqi east is to go, but after all, it is the first time to meet, Mr. Lei Mingdong fortitude and easy is still big out of my expected.Frank, sincere, no AIRS, not arrogant, more than two hours of contact, let me have a new understanding of this outstanding achievements in the art of painting and calligraphy in the Central Plains man.Lei Mingdong, manchu, henan Kaifeng, no. Sanle Lu Lord.Born in a family of calligraphy and painting, he has laid a solid foundation for calligraphy and painting since his childhood under the influence of family learning.Mr. Lei Mingdong’s calligraphy starts from The Tang Dynasty and goes back to the Han and Wei dynasties. His calligraphy is good at running grass, fine seal characters and official scripts, and he is old and elegant. His layout is very rigorous and exquisite.Its official script features are particularly distinctive.As we know, the scribe has two points, one is dignified orderly, work uniform and so on, such as yiying such as ritual;One is the dragon and snake fly away, lash out and so on, such as stone gate such as Xixia.Lei’s official script belongs to the former category.The beginning of the pen implied by the line, gently, Mu Su dunhou, pen to return to the front, smooth park jin.Luck is strong, and the pen is hidden;Implied convergence, implicit strong pen force.Throughout the book, the wind fine strong, yan, Jun Yi, square whole and beautiful.He is very careful and simple.See kung fu in fresh and dignified, in the change of weather, it can be said that the pen has a history, the word out of new ideas.Quite get the essence of yiying, ritual ware.As is known to all, the appreciation of calligraphy and painting works mainly depends on whether the idea is elegant;Whether the spirit is vivid;Are you skillful with your pen?Whether the image is vivid;Color harmony;The layout is reasonable and so on.A work of art always leaves the imprint of the painter himself and his time, which is commonly referred to as personal style and time style.The so-called style of The Times refers to the characteristics and traces left by the politics, economy, culture and customs of the time in the creation of calligraphy and painting;And personal style.It refers to the characteristics of calligrapher and painter reflected in their works due to different ideas, different character cultivation, different relationship between teachers and aesthetic standards and different use of tools and the use of ink and brush habits.Calligraphy: Quiet and Far-reaching Of course, no matter the style of The Times, or personal style, are reflected through the operation of the author’s pen and ink.Huang Binhong, a master painter, once said, “Samadhi in painting can be understood without the help of brush and ink.”Therefore, ink is the core and key to identify Chinese painting and calligraphy.Mr. Lei mingdong’s paintings are bright and fresh, true feelings are natural, and touching beauty is expressed in ordinary places.His paintings cover a wide range of subjects, including ancient and modern figures, animals, fruits and vegetables, and modern flowers and birds. All of them take traditional and Chinese and western styles, make bold innovations, and capture the moment of life keenly, focusing on emotional expression inside and interesting expression outside, which arouses the resonance of viewers.In particular, wisteria flowers and quail created by him are natural, beautifully composed, full of aura, and contain the good will of “purple spirit coming east” and “harmony and peace”.Autumn Charm (Collection 1) Through the history of Chinese painting, we can find that since ancient times, “Zen” is a supreme realm pursued by most accomplished painters.Mr. Lei Mingdong, who has much insight into Chinese painting, is such an accomplished calligrapher and painter.In his ink permeates a kind of indifferent, pure sentiment.His paintings are full of rhythm, which perfectly blends the serenity of zen.He will be fresh, quiet, beyond the world of ideas revealed in the end of the pen, frank and beautiful, giving people with natural comfort, flat purple east (collection 2) light and remote artistic atmosphere.It has a very elegant and natural style of everyone.He inherited the tradition of freehand flower-and-bird painting and grasped the essence, thus forming the characteristics of high character and good temperament of his works.His works eulogize nature and life with enthusiasm, and describe the form, spirit and interest of flower-and-bird painting with dripping, graceful and elegant ink language.In his pictures, the purpose is not to look like, but to express the painter’s emotion and spirit.The most prominent feature of his flower-and-bird paintings is to express emotion through objects and express aspiration through objects.Lei Mingdong’s freehand brushwork collection 3 flower and bird paintings like a clear spring, the painter’s character and heart through the ink on paper take in everything in a glance, naked show in front of the viewer, without any cover up;All dharmas depend on daily practice, and culture accumulates in them.There is “Zen”, “Daofa”, but also rich in philosophy, the essence of Chinese culture.Art is not fast food, and there is no fast food.A successful artist is the result of decades of highly consistent practice of knowledge and action.Through a good painting, we can feel the rich accumulation and thick artistic foundation of the author in art.Mr. Lei mingdong is one of those all-powerful and passionate painters who, once he has a mature idea, will indulge in it.He could set his pen on a large scroll, or he could set it on a long page.He can wave and splash ink, majestic;Also can make the ink such as color, thousands of thousands of pens do not show multifarious, three two pens do not expose shallow.He taught the law of nature, knead the ancient law in the present people’s way, and with modern book ancient charm.Collection 5 in his ink, we can not only see jing Hao, Fan Kuan’s fine and strict, but also can find the elegant and bold, Shi Tao.Mr. Lei Mingdong has a deep understanding of qi Baishi’s famous saying that “painting is precious between likeness and unlikeness”. He believes that: painting is precious, and imitation is avoided. Painters should refine the core spirit of the image and form their own unique painting language to express their understanding of painting and to express the implied meaning of things.The freehand brushwork should pay special attention to the likeness of spirit in order to express the essence of things and seek the high integration of painting and people’s ideological realm.Every artist has his own unique experience and life path.It is this unique characteristics, hone and create different from others brilliant art.The Lei Mingdong that does not break the wind of Confucian and elegant in forthright, the style of doing things with his modest gentleman, make a person feel more feeling kind, see old friend.As we all know, intellectual thinking can make a brilliant life.Mr. Lei Mingdong’s paintings and his people, simple, calm, plain.The flower and-bird painting on shi color not strong not weak, not yan well, charm and artistic conception, velvet glove, spirit likeness YiYun, modelling is rigorous, painting style, concise, elegant and beautiful, without finished, not fawn on common, not client, a leaf, a bird a stone to comfortable, peaceful, quiet life state, form a beautiful and elegant, beautiful and profound artistic realm.In the transmission of light, color, meaning, rhyme, but also consciously express its cultural connotation and life experience, the inexpressible inherent charm of flower and bird painting in a glance in front of us.Lei Mingdong knows very well that the development and progress of Chinese flower-and-bird painting should constantly highlight an innovative thinking, a transformational thinking and a personalized flower-and-bird fashion in the exploration process of contemporary painters, rather than blindly repeating and imitating, copying or following the brush and ink skills of ancient flower-and-bird painting.Painters should not focus on the flower and bird schema or painting language of the ancients, but should select the natural flowers and birds that are influenced by the painter’s life, reflecting a process of upgrading from nature to art, and then from art to nature, so as to achieve a dynamic flower and bird art realm.Wang Xuetao, the master of flower and bird painting, advocates the idea of “expressing one’s feelings by learning from nature, integrating things with oneself, learning from ancestors for our use and constantly innovating”.A painter’s painting is not to copy what he sees in the eye, but to express his feelings and feelings.As song Dynasty poet Lu You said, “Kung fu is beyond poetry” is a truth.Mr. Lei Mingdong is well aware of the importance of painting “likeness” and “likeness of likeness”. He agrees with Shi Tao and others: “To be more like likeness of likeness, true in gas, not in appearance.”He was well versed in Zhuangzi’s idea that “emptiness, tranquility, loneliness and inaction are the benchmark of heaven and earth and the highest state of moral cultivation”.He also believes that the only way to master state is to cultivate, keep true and abstain from impetuosity.The ancients cloud: poetry, writing.So is painting?Painters record and reflect the social status quo, people’s ideas and pursuits through their works.Mr. Lei Mingdong interprets his painting art with his noble personality charm, and his works show vigorous and positive energy.Sun Guoting mentioned in his Book Spectrum: the author, shape quality also;Ink, qi yun also.Art works, “one should be open-minded, only noble personality can create noble works;Two to learn endless, only continuous progress in order to surpass;Third, we must persevere. The formation of painting style is a process of gradual and dialectical negation.”The subtlety of art is to know how to present the verve of heaven and earth in front of the audience through one stroke and one type of profound brush and ink.Like the ancient swordsman with the magic of the sword to clean up the evil in the world, Mr. Lei Mingdong is a kind of heroic life into the pen and ink, so that the material pen and ink into the spirit of the “charm”, clean people’s spiritual world, make it return to the quiet, serene nature.Like his brush and ink on paper, frank and sincere, but straight to the true meaning of art.The viewer can’t help looking for the distant and broad natural world behind the painting as well as the inner thoughts and emotions of this magical world.Mr. Lei Mingdong belongs to the temperament, he is studying painting skills assiduously at the same time, but also constantly cultivate their own conduct.His character is frank and honest. The forthrightness of a man from the North and the delicacy of a man from the Central Plains are all reflected in him. I like his art and appreciate his personality.His principles and life purpose of “being light for the bosom, open-minded, priceless friendship, laugh at life” make him enjoy a good reputation in the painting and art circles.His clear and clean state of mind, magnanimous temperament revealed in his works, is a strong, vigorous, smooth, thick artistic style.Relying on the profound background of Chinese culture, Mr. Lei Mingdong’s paintings convey his spiritual realm and thoughts and emotions to us between ink and interest.Like a beautiful flower blooming in the dawn, Mr. Lei Mingdong quietly sowing in the quiet of the night, quietly harvesting in the morning light.Harmony, peace and prosperity